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Exclusive: Ed Galvez Talks Rusty Camel and More

Everyone grew to love Ed Galvez on BTV Digital Studio's first scripted series, Rusty Camel, and he sat down to talk exclusively with us. The comedian talked to us about his career and how he felt about the first season of Rusty Camel.

Ed Galvez

"Working on Rusty Camel was one of the best experiences I’ve had as an actor." Galvez told us. "The cast and crew were like a bunch of pirates, having fun no matter the conditions. We plowed through and laughed all the way. It was very collaborative and all ideas were welcome."

Galvez played Mick Kershaw, a "version of me I suppress," he acknowledged. "I try to be a positive and fun person, but playing Mick I can embrace my inner asshole."

From the very beginning of the series, the cast talked how well it was written. Galvez dished on the script a bit, telling us, "The script made me laugh out loud reading it on paper. Then getting to bring my own version of myself to my character was such a treat." Galvez told us he welcomed any challenge during the filming of Rusty Camel.

Watch the premiere episode right here.

Galvez let us in on his favorite moment on the show, "The first day of the shoot was one of my favorite moments. We were at the beach and I was wearing a speedo that was way too small. I was running around like an idiot." Then he admitted that "hearing Andrew laugh out loud" made it all worth it.

Fans have taken to social media to ask Galvez and some of his castmates about a season two. "I hope there is a season 2 of Rusty Camel," he said.

Ed Galvez in the Opening Credits of Rusty Camel

Among everything else, the one year anniversary of the global coronavirus pandemic arrives this year, with hopes that the two FDA-approved mRNA vaccines will begin to mitigate transmission, and that more vaccine products and doses will come online to immunize populations close to herd immunity levels over the year. Galvez told us, "Life during Covid-19 has been an emotional roller coaster. Outside of the global pandemic and all the horrors that happened daily, it’s been nice to rest, reset and catch up on writing and projects I’ve been putting off for decades."

But then Galvez went on to say, "Sadly I still have not cleaned my room, lost weight or tried yoga yet."

Ed Galvez in Rusty Camel's "The Dragon Lady" (S1E4)

You can watch the entire season on BTV. Andrew Young, the creator of the Rusty Camel series, mentioned we can expect "syndication on Facebook Watch and IGTV" very soon. There has not been a date set, but Young and the other producers of the show are looking forward to expanding into other mediums. Galvez chimed in, "I’m so excited about being on Facebook watch! The more eyes on it the more joy we get to spread through our dysfunctional family."

He continued, "I’d love to give all the Rusty Cam-igos a big socially distant hug. Doing the show was such a labor of love. I thank and love you all."


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