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Eye Opening 👀

So Vegas was a trip lol.

We had so much fun, but so much happened -on and off the camera. It made me look at a few people differently. I feel if you say something, you stand by it. But with this group, you see not everyone is like that.

Right before the trip I met with my best friend Shaniya. We had some real life opening conversation. I love that girl. I mean, I've been vulnerable on this show so far. I even opened up to Kasi about my relationship and I don't ever talk about that shit. Oh, and happy birthday to you girl. I hope you enjoyed the surprise; which was totally my idea. 😉

What many people didn't know, not even 24 hours before we were leaving for Vegas, I lost somebody very dear to me. I toughed it out. I did my best to keep my spirits up. It's still been hard.

But anyway...

Marlene mentioned a Halloween party coming up. But regarding our group right now, all these lies have to stop. I'm keeping my eyes on you.

I'll be watching.

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