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Fall Festivities

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all doing well during these wild times we are living in. I want to recap and just say I had a good time at Marlene's Halloween party. She is a great host and her parents are super nice. Everyone's costumes were super cute and I'm glad everyone got the memo to dress up. I just wish everyone was able to show up.

It was nice seeing everyone that did come and getting a night out from work. I wish I could have stayed out later, but y'll know how it is when work calls... you answer.

I appreciate having friends that understand the duties of working.

Speaking of work, I've been averaging 10 extra hours of overtime... staying 13 hours when I should have worked 10. I am tired ya'll. Work will be a little different too, as Claire (my partner) had her last day on Sunday. I'm hoping they put me on a Critical Care Transport "CCT" shift so I can gain even more patient care experience. I'll keep you guys posted on if that happens or not.

The worse news: I work on Thanksgiving. Like of all the holidays to work, I work the eating holiday. I guess I'll be eating hospital lounge food for Thanksgiving, so that's pretty much entails a turkey sandwich and coffee lol.

Last week I hit up Rachel. She swooped on over to pick me up in her Lexus. We went and grabbed food and drinks from, my former job, California Pizza Kitchen. We talked about her Halloween party, that I wasn't invited to, and she explained herself. 🤣😊

All is good. We got to catch up on current motives and future collaborations, so you guys shall see what we come up with.

Later that day I went over to my friend Zaira's sister's house to hangout. When I got there I found out they got a big trampoline. Those that know me know I cannot resist and bouncey wounce yaasssss.

I'm the adult that jumps while all the kids are looking like 😯😲

We had some hard seltzers and watched Tiffany Haddish's They Ready; Feat Flame Monroe. Breny, Zaira's sister, does nails and was down to hook me up ya'll so you know I had to come through with the Gucci Gang fingerlangs.

Brandon and I got to spend some quality time together these past few days that I haven't been working. He ran with me to get all the stuff for my room. Then we went and grabbed Ramen with Sam. We came back to my house and watched a movie.

The next day B and I went to a Friendsgiving and that was both delicious and fun.

Welp That's all for now folks until next week Don't forget to wear a mask and sanitize your hands. Stay safe and if people are in your COVID bubble don't be afraid to say #GETAWAY

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