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Fans Eagerly Await the Premiere for New Reality TV Show "Sister Rules"

The highly anticipated reality TV show, Sister Rules is airing its first episode today.

Maria Mekus in the reality tv show Sister Rules, Episode 1. Brandon TV. BTV. Ayden Mekus' mom.
Maria Mekus | Sister Rules, Episode 1

The series is all about family trauma and how to overcome it.

Maria Mekus and Leesa Ward, two sisters who have found hardship with their sisterhood over the last two decades. In a journey of self-discovery, Mekus and Ward help one another uncover the truth behind their trauma, and how their past could help write a rulebook for their future.

The most hooking story thus far is about Ward's legal troubles. A three year investigation alleged Ward of stealing from 34 victims, promising a return on investment at her real estate office. She has then found guilty of Ponzi scheme.

Ward has since written a book detailing her experience and what really happened all those years ago. Though she served her time, she still hasn't found the strength to get over the damage it left. And neither has Mekus, as the two of them rehash old wounds that still linger throughout the series.

Sources close to the ladies also mentioned that the producers struggled to keep the two on the right path. "It was hard to face what really was," Mekus told BTV Insider. "I mean what you see on the show is very real."

Some fans have taken to social media to express their excitement for the show, after a private screening of the series allowed close friends and family to get a personal viewing experience alongside the sisters, other cast members and crew.

And some other stars from the BTV studio shared their excitement as well.

The series was created by Brandon Stewart. It was executive produced by Stewart, and co-executive produced by Mekus and Ward. The series will stream on Mekus' YouTube channel Sundays at 12:00pm, with syndicated viewing available at BTV.

The first episode airs today, with new episodes following every Sunday at 12:00PM PST (3:00PM EST). Tune in early to be part of the live chat with the cast.


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