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Filming to Start Again for The Getaway Los Angeles Reality Series

Every good reality TV show takes time, and The Getaway Los Angeles is no different.

Matt Sarafa, Brandon Stewart, Monique Martin, Kasi Holifield, Shaka Smith and Marlene Ortiz, premiere of The Getaway Los Angeles episode 2 on BTV studios Brandon tv
Matt Sarafa, Brandon Stewart, Monique Martin, Kasi Holifield, Shaka Smith and Marlene Ortiz, The Getaway Los Angeles (S1, Ep2)

Though most of the cast keep us entertained week after week on the blog, the real excitement for every reality show is what's captured on camera.

Let's face it, the most comforting thing one can do right now is to imagine life somewhere far away from here, in a time unhooked from today, tomorrow or even next week. To escape to a new reality, distant from the constant shrill of sirens beating against apartment windows and the daily reminders that a virus has undone what can never be pieced together again. To put space between one's self and the world. To be as selfish as possible.

The Getaway: Los Angeles is chock-full of meme worthy moments, partnered with some of the most unpredictable one-liners. The majority of the cast have been friends for years, surviving the high price tag living in the city of dreams. At the core of the group, Brandon Stewart (American Idol, Shine), introduces us to his clique. The group is full of personalities from celebrity designer, Matt Sarafa (Project Runway, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), personal fitness trainer, Kasi Holifield and single mother, Monique Martin, to professional dancer, Demetre Durham (Rupaul's Drag Race), entrepreneur, Alitalia Adams and body positive socialite, Marlene Ortiz - just to name a few.

Still of Matt Sarafa in "You Can't Sit with Us" (S1. Ep1)

Lately, many of us have been skipping past the news, past the highbrow scripted dramas and the candied dysfunction of unwarranted talk shows. Let's face it, we all want reality TV right now. It gives us a little normalcy, and some entertainment too, even when their masks are up. To see the stars of reality manage the new world, somehow makes us feel like it's all going to be alright.

The Getaway: Los Angeles is about a group of transplants who look to better their lives, relationships and business ventures in the city of dreams. The series will air after Shine's return in late Fall of 2022. It is produced by BTV Digital Studios. Executive producers include Joel Parent, who also serves as showrunner, and Brandon Stewart, with Justice Bowens serving as a producer. BTV will distribute the series worldwide.

Filming will start back on Valentine's weekend, where cast member, Rachel Rendon, will be hosting an invite only cocktail party. Did everyone make the list?


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