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Finally, Well Rested

Its been a few weeks now since returning from the Vegas trip. I've been trying to catch up with my life since then... 😩

Between work, confessions, & my family... LAWD I have been exhausted.

So for work, its been the usual zoom meetings, checking in at the store locations ohh exciting news...we had our grand opening for our Newport Beach location. It's known as The Walk. That was fun, but had me down for a couple of days.


Now on to my confessionals this season!!!

🤣 This should be fun! So I can't give you too much; however, what I can say is the questions that were asked... hunnie! ☕

If you care about losing friends, you may not want to take part in answering some of the questions. Seriously.

I'll give you a little sip tho... so there was this video made to social media after we returned from our Vegas #Getaway. In the video, a few of us cast members were dragged about hair and money. Let me just say this person doesn't have either.

🤣🤣 As I am listening... I am fuming on the inside. You already know people get bold when they are not present and in your face. If you are gonna throw shots, trust and believe mine will not miss the target upon return.

Here we go!

On the last night in Vegas the altercation between Sev and I was BAD. No shots missed on my behalf.

I could have said so much more, but I didn't want him crying (which I heard he ended up doing). I was very shocked to see the outfit he was wearing was new. He had on a nice long sleeve button down, black jeans and snake skin boots (or so I thought they were snake skin). Later on that night, in a casual conversation, I found out they were bought from Walmart earlier that day. 🤔🤣

Now don't get me wrong, I could care less where you shop. I have a lot of nice shoes and clothes that are not high-end, but I make it look good.

Before you start throwing shots at someone's hair, their clothes or their money, make sure you do not take them with you to do your shoe shopping. Especially if you're gonna try to lie about where you got them from later. Anything you say or do will be held against you. 💅 I'm just saying.

Since returning from Vegas, I have been trying to spend some quality time with my daughter. She will be expecting her first child at the end of December. Yess!!

I'm gonna be a G-Mo 👶

While everyone is getting ready for Marlene Halloween party I'm not.

And if you're asking why not? She and Sev are really good friends and I can't stand to be to be around him AT ALL. I love my peace of mind and this guy takes me wayy overboard.

I really would love to go and appreciate her invitation.

But I will not disrespect Marlene or her home by possibly having another altercation with Sev. So I may have to sit this one out.

As I still have a few days before the party, I have time to think on it.

I guess you'll get to see if I make it or not, but staying up to date on these blogs hunnie. That's right.

We shall see!

Until the next #Getaway... ✌🏾

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