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Food! Glorious Food 🥘

Oh my gosh guys, this past few weeks have been crazy.

Two weeks ago, I wasn't feeling the greatest and was sent home from work early. I got some sleep. But the next morning, my uncle is literally telling me, from his bedroom window, that he has covid and he has to quarantine. I’m like I’ve already dodged it with my boyfriend, now I have to dodge it from my uncle... good lord.

Thankfully he was able to go to the "COVID hotel" and quarantine; but meanwhile, I had to go get tested. My my my... waiting for those results felt like a lifetime. They came back negative, so that allowed Brandon and I to stick to our prior engagements: a #getaway to Sam‘s parents. 😊

T'was the weekend before Thanksgiving, Brandon and I had just coordinated to meet Sam at her parents' house.

Their names are Red and Robyn. And let me just say their house is so cute. We all know a great house must come with a great pair to seal the deal.

Red is a hard working man with a lot of knowledge on things. I‘d always find him reading in the garden, and just enjoying the outdoors while he works. Robyn is such an amazing cook 👩‍🍳 and she has a green thumb.

Brandon and I (Night One)

She had such flavorful food the whole weekend! On Friday night, she made an array of things, from bacon onion jam to compliment her homemade chicken burgers, to a spiced cheesecake with a Brandy whipped cream topping. 🤤

We ate a good meal and changed into our skivvies to get in the jacuzzi. While we were in there, we also watched TV.

Yes! I said watch TV. The set up was so nice.

That Saturday afternoon, Joel came into town and we all went down to the Harbor to see all of the Christmas decorations. 🎄

Brandon, Sam, Joel and I (Night Two)

Later, we went back to the house to get ready for an escape room and eat more of Robyn's cooking. This time she had a gourmet taco buffet. After we ate, we headed to this escape room.

Man was that a mental game! But you know we were all ready for it.

We had an hour and we got out with three minutes remaining. Then we came back to the house and relaxed. We got more hot tub and TV time.

Sunday morning we were supposed to go to church ⛪️ with Red and Robyn, but we overslept. Smh I woke up as they are walking out the door.

Big fail, but it’s okay. I decided to cook and have the food ready for their arrival. We planned for a shrimp boil and we ended up with a Shrimp Feast! 🦐

It's one of Brandon's favorites. There is so much of it when I make it too.

What's in it?

- Hella' Shrimp

- Red Potatoes

- Corn

- My Special Louisiana Style Sauce

- Sausage

The food tasted great, but that nap afterwards was even better. 😴

We were trying to find something to do, but couldn’t find any more escape rooms. So we decided to head back home.

I had to go back into work mode when I returned, and as a result, ended up working on Thanksgiving. That being said, I hope your thanksgiving was amazing and full of delicious food.

All I had to eat was hospital food until 11:00pm smh. 🤢

I actually got to work CCT for Thanksgiving, so I was with a nurse and another EMT. That made it less dreadful, but who wants to work on a holiday like that? Not to mention I’m supposed to be working Christmas Eve through that Sunday too.

My holidays this year are a little askew, due to working and a little bit of family drama.

I’m hoping this next #GETAWAY is as fun as the last one. I look forward to seeing everyone together again and even meet some new faces that I've heard may be joining us thruu the grapevine. 🍇

Thanks for tuning in. See you next week!

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