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From COVID-19 to Emmy Awards 🏆

There are so many blessings in my life right now, but with that, there has also been some unexpected turbulence. Pilot Stewart says remain seated and keep reading.

Hi, welcome back to my weekly Ted Talks. Call 'em Bran Talks. No? Not the same? Fine.

I know many of you have been watching me on screen for some time. So I guess I should keep you updated on some of my auditions. Acting has its own grind. This week I had a self tape for Disney. It was fun.

Special shout to my new agent, Julie Fulop.

The character was an unpredictable, weirdo type, with a pony-tail. Well, during this quarantine my hair has grown great lengths, so throwing it in a pony tail and reciting some off the wall dialogue was easy enough.

I mean, playing a weirdo? Method acting, c'mon.

Meanwhile, I caught COVID right before Halloween. Exciting right? So that meant no Halloween festivities for me this year. I'm sorry Marlene! I honestly shouldn't have been considering it anyway, but my friends and I have been in the same quarantine circle. So yes, I was going to go celebrate. And double yes, I was upset cause you already know I love me some Halloween.

My friend Sam Nicoletti brought me my first COVID care package.

So I think that deserves its own moment in the blogs. You guys will meet her soon. I just recently introduced her to some of the circle and they seem to love her so far.

All in all, I was more fortunate than some. I didn't have many COVID symptoms and I really only had 1 rough night full of chills and barely any sleep. I tested positive, and about 7-8 days later, I tested negative. I urge everyone to keep wearing your masks and following the social distancing protocols.

Everything has settled down since we got back from Las Vegas. Now I'm planning our next trip - Big Bear. It should be fun! I'll be there from start to finish this time. I've talked to almost everyone about little details here and there, well everyone except Rachel. The last I heard from her, she was going to be throwing a Halloween party. Since then, none of us got the invite. Not even Justin - her bestie. 🧂🥴

Positive news segway.

My company acquired an Emmy award-winning series, After Forever. It was a big win for us in the world of syndication.

The series follows a gay man with hopes that his love and his marriage will last forever; but when it doesn't, everything changes.

It's a soap style drama and it packs a heavy message. It's wonderful work all the way around and I'm proud BTV gets to be apart of it moving forward.

I have been missing modeling during all this COVID shutdown too. So I posted a throwback on my socials a week or so ago. I wanted to share.

I was in the gym 3-5 times a week before the pandemic hit. Now I pay $80 a month to workout outside wearing a mask.

I need to call Kasi, so she can keep me and my body together. Her and I have been talking about getting together again soon.

Meanwhile, maybe I just need to get on Demetre's level. Him and I have a workout planned with Joel and his boyfriend, Roberto coming up next week. And guess what time? 8:30AM.

Yes. I'm serious. Y'all know I like my sleep now, but it's this new plate fit type training. I've literally never heard of it, but it sounds fun. Doesn't it? Or am I being crazy? The cameras are coming, so you'll see how ridiculous I look when the show airs.

Demetre, Roberto, Cliff, Joel, Justin, one of Demetre's friends, Rachél, and I all got together this week too. It was good times. The picture above was taken at the start of the night. I love laughing and having a good cocktail - which by the way, Roberto makes some good ones.


Did you guys know I'm a dog dad? Oh yeah. Two little boys: Bolt and Benji. My best friend, Joel, and I adopted them together. Everywhere we go people are always asking what their breed is.

  1. Mini Pincher

  2. Yorkie

  3. Chihuahua

They're super cute. And it's been a challenge getting them potty trained. It's safe to say they're still not.

One step at a time, okay.

Thank you for keeping up with me and my life. Tune in next week. I'll be back for more on what's new.

With love,


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