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Fullout Cortland Talks His VMA Winning Choreography in Doja Cat's "Woman"

Fullout Cortland is the successful choreographer behind some of Doja Cat's hit music videos - including "Woman" that has 142 million views.

Doja Cat poses in the music video for "Woman" choreographed by Fullout Cortland.
Doja Cat, "Woman" Music Video

On Halloween, he reacted to his work on "Woman" - which explains the banana costume throughout the reaction. In the creative visual, the "Rose In Harlem” singer stars as Queen of a mythical society. She is informed men are plotting to steal her throne, so she demands to be taken to them and conjures Doja Cat from fire with the wave of her finger. Doja then distracts the men with sensual dance moves.

“Woman” is featured on Doja Cat’s album ‘Planet Her,’ which earned her a nomination for album of the year at the 2022 Grammy awards. “Woman” is a song about empowering women to defy stereotypes and stigmas.

Fullout Cortland in bright green glasses and yellow background.
Fullout Cortland

Cortland stomped his way into the entertainment industry by artistically designing choreography around artists like Doja Cat, SZA and Chloe Bailey. Cortland began his humble journey in Miami, Florida, eventually relocating to Atlanta, where he directed and choreographed his own creative projects. Cortland is a self-taught creative, not knowing earlier in his life that these skills would land him on some of the biggest stages in the world.

Cortland believes that his main purpose is to "continue to shift popular culture while bringing out the best of every artist." In 2021, Cortland was nominated for iHeart Music’s Best Choreography Award. And in 2022, he was named Baller Alert’s Top Choreographer and soon after, clutched the win for Best Choreography at the VMA's for his work on "Woman."

Take a look at his reaction to his work on "Woman" and what he was thinking after winning his first VMA.

Over the last few years Cortland has really left his mark. He's worked with iconic female entertainers like Chloe Bailey, SZA, Ari Lennox, Jazmine Sullivan and more.

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