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Great Times with Great People

Halloween was great!

Halloween Costume 2020

Marlene's party was such a great time! I was so happy that she had her altar. I brought a pin with my sister's picture on it. It was so nice to get to celebrate her in that way. I definitely wish she was here, but I know she's watching over us.

It was great to see everyone let loose at the party. There has been so much drama and we deserved a good night. Demetre and I brought out friends Romarius and Chris.

We have been spending so much time with them lately, so it was only right we asked them to tag along.

Last week we were in San Diego for Chris's birthday.

As much fun as I had, I was over my costume pretty early. So I went from Tangela to a cat burglar? I guess lmao.

Demetre and I also hung out with our friends Sarai and Rachel. We went to a restaurant that was having an all you can eat buffet and a mariachi band. It was sooooo much fun.

We ate and ate and ate and danced and ate.

And as if we didn't eat enough, we went to Salt and Straw after in DTLA. But then again, who can say no to ice creAm?!

Now I'm just patiently waiting to see who the next president will be.

I just hope things won't get as crazy as everyone thinks. It's insane that stores are all boarded up.

I'm just going to sip some wine and chill.

Catch me on the flip side.


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