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"Guess Clue" Murder Mystery Coming Soon

A new murder mystery is on the way at BTV Studios.

The premise is uncertain at this time, but we do know some of our favorite young faces are already in the cast.

Symonne Harrison, Ayden Mekus, Claire RockSmith, Connor Cain and Nick Bencivengo have already been announced as part of the cast. Joel Parent, creator on the series, told us he is "excited to change the format at BTV."

As the studio continues to push out new content every week, Parent has been ready to shake things up for some time.

"This is our first interactive series."

Brandon Stewart, founder and CEO, chimed in and told us, "we're taking things to new heights." He smiled.

"This series is going to allow fans to interact directly with our creative team, week after week. It's a first for us." Producers in film and television are used to writing a storyline and shooting it to completion before releasing the project to fans. "We're changing the way people watch content," he said.

"You'll have to tune in each week and vote. Your votes will change the direction of the story. The power of life and death is actually in the hands of our fans. It's so interactive, it's going to allow the mystery to unravel within the choices of our audience."

Guess Clue follows a group of strangers who are invited to a small celebration, where they quickly realize they're playing a game of life and death instead. The series will be interactive with fans, where they get to decide the fate of their favorite character's storylines. Fans will vote each week on who they think the killer is, and whoever earns the most votes, is put to death in the next week's episode.

The series will air in October. It is produced by BTV. Producers include Stewart, who will also be directing, and Andrew Young. Parent may be added to the producing team later on amid his availability from his reality shows, The Getaway Los Angeles and Shine. BTV will distribute the series worldwide.


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