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Happy New Years and a Happy New Body

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. Wow these blogs got juicy.

Essentially for New Years I stayed home alone. I literally was asleep by 11:30. So yeah... I missed the fireworks because I was working so much and was just too exhausted.

My biggest New Years Resolution was that I've been trying really hard not to drink. It's been 2 weeks with no alcohol.

So because of that reason, Im staying away from social settings right now. My friends are wanting to see me and I'd love to, but it's just not the right time for me right now.


Unfortunately when I'm hanging with friends, I crave a drink. It's just a natural thing when I'm in social circles. So my first big move this year has been hiding like a hermit and not drinking. It's been working.

My James Bond Confessional Look - Dec 2020

I'm working my ass off trying to get online programs going. I've been working on my app. I just feel like I've been hiding from the world to focus on me and my businesses.

Well that and I really am trying so hard to stay away from alcohol. It does feel weird feeling like I have to hide from my friends. But it's not because they'd pressure me to drink... it's just what we do when we're together. We drink.

And for so long that's what I've done.

When I look back on my quarantining, I was drinking a lot with my friends.

It's kind of like the Pavlovian Theory, right? In Ivan Pavlov's experiments he conducted with his dogs, Pavlov found that objects or events could trigger a conditioned response. He demonstrated how the presence of a bowl of dog food (a stimulus) would trigger an unconditioned response, being salivation. When I'm in social settings, I think about what I want to drink. I have been a recluse for that exact reason, just hiding until I feel comfortable to hangout without the pressures of drinking.

Just like New Years. I was hiding and trying to stay sober. I been trying to get better with my workouts again, posting on social media, start to get leaner and take more photos. I have a photoshoot coming up so I have to be sure I look good for that.

It's all kind of connected and intertwined. Focusing on me will build a better version of myself... and I don't need the alcohol for this new me.

That's all from me. Don't miss my journey every week, right here on the blog.

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