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Hello Again

Guess who's back back back, back again gin' gin'.

I'm just settling back in here at my crib in Los Angeles. Can I just say, Temecula is absolutely beautiful. Before I get to those details, I do want to touch a little on Shine and my final thoughts on my friend's Vegas trip.

Promo w Ashthon, Bre and I

I know I mentioned Shine returns in 2021 with a new season packed full of incredible music. But what I don't think I mentioned yet, was one of our new distribution outlets.

We secured a deal with our partners at Binge Networks, where you can relive the last season's best moments every Wednesday until the end of this year.

BTS of Shine

From juggling content creators at BTV, filming for another season of Shine and making personal time for myself, I do stay busy. As many of you loyal blog readers already know, a few of my friends have had some disagreements in the past.

In the past few months, we've obviously been filming for this new reality programme, and some of those disagreements have been mended, while some of them have festered. Honestly, it's going to be interesting for you to witness it all at home.

Now that I'm totally downloaded from the Vegas trip, boy let me tell you something. My friends sure know how to have a good time; however, they're also proficient at packing a lot of baggage along the way. I'm talking paying that extra fee and all.

The majority of the group is done with Sev, and after all of the back and forth, I totally understand. Sev and I have a very layered friendship and there is a respect between him and I that dates back a few years now. We're still good, but he knows I never appreciate the things he says out of anger. He gets upset and lashes out. He and I have had constructive conversations about that and that's something he's still working on. The reason he has had a problem with everyone in the group, at one point or another, is because he doesn't filter his feelings.

All of which, you'll see on the show.

Throwback w Sev in NYC

The majority of the drama in Vegas did surround Sev. It's unfortunate, but it is true. Most recently, he had problems with two longtime friends of mine - Joel (a producer on the reality series) and Monique. When everyone got back from Vegas, Justin blocked him on social media platforms after weighing in about some of the things he said. I didn't like hearing about any of it. I don't ever like hearing about drama. I deal with enough of that when I'm in character, on camera for other projects. The most awkward thing for me is when friends I spend lots of time with, fight with other friends I spend lots of time with. But everyone knows I'll keep them honest. And respectfully.

Throwback w Joel. Cliff, Momma and Sev in KY

Naturally, I am the one to help mend fences, even when it doesn't involve me. Some say it's because I'm the one who introduced most everyone in our circle, and some say it's because I'm the most upfront.

While you see me filter through obstacles in my life, you will quickly learn my hardest challenge is getting my friends to be as real as possible. I think the most authentic thing about what many of my friends and I are doing each week, is becoming the best versions of ourselves.

I believe the cameras have put several things in perspective for many of my friends and I. Not everyone is going to like you. So just love yourself and let that be enough.

Now want to hear about Temecula?

Between the views. to the incomparable wine, memories. were made. I was invited down to my friend, David Holt's wedding. He got married to his girlfriend Michelle, who is as equally as radiant.

I took little love bug, Justin. We had a ball. We stayed in an AirB&B over the long weekend.

Justin and I

Though we weren't technically in the wedding party, David invited us to all of the official wedding party's festivities. I am still grateful for it. I got to spend quality time with him, his wife, and many old and new friends.

The first night: we went to Blackbird Tavern to kick it all off.

The second day: we went to a mimosa brunch at Yardhouse, followed by wine and oil tastings in downtown. That night we had a really nice dinner at Bailys in the downtown district.

The third day: we had the big wedding at Longshadow Ranch. Following the wedding, which was much like a fairytale, we had their reception there. Then when the dancing was done, we drove up to Pala Casino to end the night with a little gambling and a nightcap.

David and Michelle

David and I met after my team and I cast his business partner, Daniel O'Reilly, in our scripted series, Rusty Camel. When Dan introduced me to his production team (which included David and two others - Chelsea Teel and Luis Tovar), they later became some of the first creators to onboard our team at BTV.

Since then, David and I have slowly grown to become good friends.

I am blessed to be given a career that allows me to take time to enjoy special moments in life, much like David's wedding.

With love,


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