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Ho Ho Holla!

Seasons greetings and all that jazz. This week, I’d like to report the many blessings in my life to spread some jingle jangle cheer.

At the end of November, I was featured in Voyage LA magazine, a local publication that features creatives and businesses. In this article, I wrote about my entrepreneurial journey leading me to create Lusso Vitale and my future plans for the brand.

Shout out to my friends who recommend me... if your friends don’t mention your name when opportunity is present, DROP EM!

By the grace of sweet baby Jesus, I was able to purchase my first big girl inventory for press on nails, nail polish and eyelashes.

I’m so excited to take this step because...

I’m manifesting these sales, hunny!

I’ll need to live even more modestly than I have been until my returns start coming through, but the fire in my stomach is telling me that things are going to work out just fine.

P.S. Lusso Vitale is the ONLY press on nail brand that has a brown hand on the box.

I’ve started a Go Fund Me page for Lusso Vitale to manifest greatness. There are so many factors in running a product based business and they’re all EXPENSIVE!

Through my hustle, I’ve been able to provide for my basics of living and invest in Lusso, but it’s been a very strict, hand to mouth lifestyle. I’m planting this first seed to open the door of funding opportunity to take this business from my apartment (well, Airbnb) into stores.

So if y’all know anyone with some spare thousands laying around, tell them to hit me up! 😂

Jk every donation and share is appreciated. ❤️

Finally, through the support of sales, I was able to provide LA Community Fridges with food at 3 different locations. Not saying I filled the fridges, but once again, any donation counts. Although it’s a daily struggle for me to provide for myself, I have to remember that my struggles are someone else’s dreams and that we as a community must support each other in order to thrive.

I’m very grateful for all of my support and I’m excited for the community programs I’m setting up to continuously give back ❤️

On a social note...

I can’t wait to see everyone this weekend at Big Bear for some socially distanced fun! I haven’t seen anyone in the squad in a month... first my dental work, then travel and since I’ve been back from VA, I’ve been self quarantined for one week and I’m talking to the walls. 😂 Plus, I’ve been eyes deep in work, so it will be nice to breathe in some fresh air!

I wish it were WARM air though. I already see myself complaining about the temperature, but it will be my first time going so I’ll try not to be a weather grinch and enjoy some reindeer games with my buddies. 🦌

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