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Holiday SZN 🍹

The holidays are finally here!

Trust me, I know you already know my work has been crazy LMFAO.

Besides work though, I went and spent some time with Brandon. I haven’t seen him since Vegas; I really haven’t seen anyone since Vegas. So it was pretty nice to see him.

Brandon, Justin, Joel and I went over to Demetre and Roberto's place for a little holiday party. It was so nice. We ate played games and had plenty of great cocktails - made by Roberto and Demetre.

Everything was really nice.

My Cocktail from Demetre's Party

So after this nice little weekend, it’s back to the 9-5.

Work is really starting to be crazy. We have had so many sales and so many customers. People are out like COVID isn’t out her lol - but it’s good for me I guess. I’m getting so many hours and you know that means a fat check lol.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and be safe. Love everyone.

Catch up with me next week.


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