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Holiday Tea and More ๐ŸŽ„

It's my favorite time of the year!

First, before I get started, we are re-releasing one of our Christmas films "A Christmas Dinner" starring some of my incredible friends. Ah! I'm so stoked for you to see. If you didn't catch it when we premiered it in 2018, you'll get a fresh experience this Christmas time. As you know, technology enhances and so does the skills of those at BTV. It's so much better and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

So what is new? I told you I have a lot going on so once again, buckle it up. Where to begin, child. Well I did get a haircut. It was my first real cut since the pandemic started, so you could imagine how I was feeling. Thank you Joe Espinoza.

What else? I got the iPhone 12 pro max, I filmed quite a bit for Getaway, I met with my old friend Shaka, Kasi served me a pot of steaming hot tea and I have been balancing a great deal of work for BTV. It's actually insane how busy I am on a day to day basis, delivering content to 90+ OTT partners, overseeing operations in development of 14 shows in-house, overseeing post-production for 2 shows, managing distribution strategies for 4 shows releasing weekly content currently, and leading acquirement deals for short form content from all over the world. I'll be honest, some days I get under 4 hours of sleep.

But guess what? I built this network, with some of my best friends, from the ground up. I wouldn't trade all of this responsibility for the world. I love it. ๐Ÿ˜˜

I was really happy to set up a meeting with Shaka.

He and I discussed some legal things for BTV and I forgot how Zen he is. I mean, I really need more Zen individuals like him in my life. I'm so high-strung in everything I do. My weekly tasks can be overwhelming sometimes. From intense deadlines, to juggling perfectionist mentalities, I am always working my mental. But Shaka's energy just reminds me how Zen you can be through it all.

So what did I do? I went out on a limb and invited him to our next #getaway. Shaka and I haven't taken a vacation together yet, but we've been in each other's lives for 4 years now. I'm really excited to mix him into this group and I have my fingers crossed he pours some of his fairy dusting Zen among my other friends too.

I spent some time with Kasi this week too. โ˜•๐Ÿธ

We planned to meet over at her bestfriend, Ian's house. Wow! Just wow. We had a blast. From doing squats in high heels, to celebrating the coming holidays, friends who work hard deserve to play hard too!

Ian and I got to chat. Between our shots, and plenty of yummy cocktails, that boy is a trip. I mean, honestly, you never know what he's going to do next. Ian is important to me because he's been a true friend for Kasi. And I appreciate real ones. I know Kasi struggled in the front half of the Vegas trip, from a recent breakup, so naturally I thought it might be a good idea to bring Ian along on this one. I think he's a good time and great support system for Kasi. But then...

Kasi dropped a big bomb on Ian and I. Literally a massive ka-boom!

Kasi and her ex-boyfriend are "trying again." Child. Give me a few seconds here, I need to regather myself.

1 Mississippi.

2 Mississippi.

3 Mississippi.

Okay. So, I understand where she is coming from on her instinct to make things work. With that being said, I have no idea why she is going back to a man that has created such bad energy for her. The girl cried for weeks. She cried to me. She cried to Ian. She even cried to the Las Vegas karaoke bar attendant at one time. I mean we all love Kasi, but is this going to set her back again? I just don't know. Our group is about progress. I want her to be happy and I'll support whatever decision she makes, but I also want to be a good friend and tell her the truth. It doesn't seem like a good idea. But like I told her, I want to meet this man. I've only ever heard stories of him for years and years. After all, he lives in Texas and she lives here in California.

Regarding my relationship, we're in a good place; but not without hitting a few rocks in the road ourselves. It's all learning experiences. I never thought I would let viewers, readers or even friends, into my personal life.

It's been a life-altering journey for sure.

You're truly getting a front row seat to my ups and downs. Justin is special. He brings me great joy. He also brings me great stress other days. Lol, but I love him.

He's been a loving rock who has got me through a great deal over the last 2 and a half years.

Let's talk a little short form fun, shall we? After all, we are dropping 4 new videos a week right now. It's crazy and you should know what's out there.

One of my favorite BTV shows is being syndicated on Facebook Watch every Tuesday night. It's called "Summer Lane Drive" and is an animated murder mystery surrounding barbie dolls. It's really unique. Click here to binge it.

There's also our Emmy winning series streaming every Friday night on YouTube. It's called "After Forever." You can catch up on that one as well, and enjoy an LGBTQ+ drama that many have posted rave reviews about. Click here to binge it.

We also have the second season of "Now That's Sketch" streaming Thursday nights on YouTube as well. It's another series we're proud of! This one also has a syndication deal on Facebook Watch and Binge Networks. Click here to binge it.

Finally, our newest series is out with new episodes coming Saturday mornings. It's called "Wild Wild Yogis," and yes it's out there. And let me tell you, you'll love every minute of it. It comes from our new partners over at Thursday Afternoon Films. Click here to binge it.

Still from S1(E3) "Wild Wild Yogis"

Drum roll please!

So I have planned our next #getaway.

We're going to Big Bear. I think it'll be great to really surround ourselves with the holiday spirit. If you know me, you know I'm extra. And you can read all about it. With that said, I had to do the most for my crew. After negative COVID tests all around, we have a long weekend planned together. From special games and fancy dinners at our 3-story cabin, to tubbing down the biggest slope in the mountains, we're about to make memories that will last forever. I'm hoping it will help put this horrible year behind us and focus on the positives coming in the new one.

Friends are family out here. It's important to hold the ones that mean the most very dear. That's why I try and go above and beyond for mine.

See you after our trip to the mountains. ๐Ÿ”๏ธ

With love,


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