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Holidays 🦌

So it’s the holidays, and it's the time I hate the most.

Not going to lie, I was going to try and write about how this is the best time of the year and every thing is great...


I hate this time of year. It makes me reflect on how me and my family are so broken. My family has been broken for so long. It's to the point, we just think it’s normal.

This time of year brings back so much. Good and bad. I try and put on a smile like everything is good, but in reality, the holidays are just another day. 🎄

I tried to make it work. You know, where we get together and have a, somewhat, happy family; however, that’s just not us. Nor is that me. It's crazy because this year has been a hard year for us. With COVID and all of us trying to act like we are family.

I love them, but it’s not like what you see on TV, or even on the Christmas cards. I was debating to even write about it. I didn’t want you guys to see...

I’m really the Grinch. And I've stole Christmas lol.


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