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Hollywood's Paparazzi Game

A true hotspot for celebrities in television, film, social applications and others alike, Hollywood is beginning to pop again. The photographers are ready and the celebrities are getting anxious. Is it that time again? We think so.

One location in Los Angeles that is a celebrity hot spot is BOA Steakhouse. The paparazzi line up to get their photos and videos turned around for a quick profit. 

Wil Roberts, known as “The Paparazzi Gamer," is one of the frontrunners in the paparazzi industry. He has over 12 years of experience in photography and videography, having photographed major A-list celebrities to business icons like, Elon Musk. Roberts' work has been featured in Daily Mail, TMZ, People, and Entertainment Tonight.

Typically the word 'paparazzi' comes with a negative connotation for many; however, not for Roberts. He leads with kindness, while finding appropriate ways of pulling out the story. "I have relationships with many celebrities. When they see me, they open up," he told us. "I love my job."

It takes time to find a celebrity photographer you trust. When celebrities step on the red carpet, they appreciate finding familiar faces in the crowd. Roberts is one of those faces. From standing in the rain, to setting up camp overnight, he does what he has to do.

Roberts’ first television series is being developed at BTV Digital Studios. More details are coming, but what we do know, entertainment news will be at the forefront.


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Courtesy of Scriberr

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