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I Will Follow Him 🙌🏽

Just like Whoopi said, I will follow him wherever he may go. And child, the Lord has led me right back to this blog.

Work has been so crazy. We get held over two hours every single shift. I cannot complain though, that overtime is looking real sexy on the paychecks. 💰

So when I'm not working, I’m doing something completely different. Last week I visited Rachel (#Translucentcosmetics) and Alitalia (#LussoVitale) at their pop-up shop. The pop-up shop was super cute and they offered a variety of their products.

I brought my sisters because they needed to get some glosses, face rollers and some eyelashes for our mom. I thought they spent all their money there, then next thing I know they’re buying some turtles from another pop up shop. 🐢

Yes y’all...I said turtles from a popup shop.

I thought it was cute, but my mom said turtles carry salmonella. 🦠 She said to drop them woes back off.

Well then the man who sold us the turtles was quick to respond with "no refunds." So my sisters said, they're keeping them because they're "not taking them to the lake to release Romeo and Juliet.” I fell out laughing like guuurrrl, what y’all know about Romeo and Juliet.

Later that day we ended up going to the beach.

I got to bust out my new skates from #RollerSkateNation and I almost busted my ass in the process. Ha! We had a blast. Take a look at this clip of me doing my thing.

Speaking of busting ass, my sisters thought they was gonna get their asa-pirin beat when they got home with their turtles. Lucky for them, mom was asleep, so they dodged a bullet.

They told me that the following day, when mom got home from work, she said, "let me see your turtles." She already knew. She looked at them and said, "make sure to feed them, take care of them and wash your hands after every time you touch them." 🐢🦠🐢🦠

While my sisters were off the hook for the turtles, I was at work having my wildest dreams fulfilled.

I was in route to pick up a patient and take them to this facility. It's all pretty standard practices, but come to find out, this particular facility I was heading to was a nun care facility. I was taking a nun, to a nun facility.

I actually got to meet a Nun for the first time in my life. So what did I do? I take a photo like a fan girl.

It wasn’t Whoopi, but boy ohhh boy was it an O' Happy Day.

It appears that Halloween at Marlene‘s is going to be an O' Happy Day as well, so we shall see what I come up with as a costume. I may just go as an EMT. I mean, I will be coming straight from work so it would make it easy enough.

That's it from me. Stay tuned till I hit the blogs next week.

More juice. More Justin. All the time. 😊

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