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Iman "Doesn't Like" Old Tre After His Actions on Shine

The female hip hop artist, Iman Dillard, has had a journey full of ups and downs thus far on Shine. Now she's speaking out about her partner leading into the Top 18.

Iman Dillard, Top 30 Performance on Shine. Brandon TV. BTV. Reality TV Show. Reality TV News.
Iman Dillard, Top 30 Performance on Shine

Last night's episode was filled with surprises from eliminations, to a celebratory bonfire with the remaining contestants in the competition. However, some contestants decided to skip out on the fun and stay focused on the competition. One of those contestants was Dillard.

When Dillard retired to her room, judge Ashthon Jones promised she would visit her with her stylist to upgrade her style on the show. All of the judges have agreed she needs a more defined brand on the show.

But when Jones arrived, with her fellow judges, Brandon Stewart and 2'Live Bre, Dillard opened up about how she felt some of the contestants were "unprofessional" and one she really took aim at was Old Tre.

She claims she messaged Tre several times, with no response, as she was trying to prep for her next performance. The latest episode ended on her revealing this information to her judges, after they questioned why she wasn't at the bonfire celebration.

Old Tre and Iman Dillard, Shine Top 18 in Season 3 performances after their fight the night before.
Old Tre and Iman Dillard, Top 18 Performance on Shine

"We were on the same page" she told them, talking about how she was under the impression they would be skipping the festivities together. She admits she "doesn't like" her fellow contestant and wishes she didn't partner with him - due to his poor communication leading to the next challenge.

You can watch the episode here.

Catch new episodes of Shine on Sunday nights, only on BTV.


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