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Let the Ratch-itivities Begin!

It’s about that time for another trip with the squad! This time, it’s Vegas baby!

So much has happened since our 4th of July trip and I can speak on behalf of us all when I say that this getaway is much needed! The past two weeks have been particularly exciting for me. I scored a huge client for SteerPro, (for a party and organization). Regarding Lusso Vitale, I’ve set up multiple giveaways & a product shoot with my bestie and model, Lornalitz Baez!

You're going to love her.

Trying to keep our lives in balance these past few months is more than enough cause to shake some ass, preferably, on tables. In Vegas.

Last week, I met up with everyone to invite them to Vegas (including Berto, Demetre’s bf) for the first time. We talked about putting some past drama behind us, but we’ll see if it sticks.

I’m not sure if Rachel and Sev’s truce is real or not. Knowing Sev, he likes to sweep things under the rug so he doesn’t have to deal with it. In example, this call-girl nonsense! The only thing imma call is Sev out on his bullshit if he keeps speaking out of context behind my back. Looking forward to clearing the air with him so we can twerk in harmony.

I have some dope activities lined up for us (a surprise to everyone in the group). I know this trip is gonna bring us closer together, but what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there! Especially when you're on reality TV.

Talk soon.

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