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Lives Changing During a Pandemic!

It never rains everyday and sadness doesn’t always last! It’s time to turn this year around and end it with some life changing success stories! That’s what SHINE is all about!

Are you ready to turn this year's 'no' into an inspirational 'yes?' You know that's what we're all about during this show.

2 Live Bre couldn’t have said it better. He said, "this season is all about the contestants!"

That's true. As judges, our is about helping artists get to the next level! It’s our jobs to bridge the gap. It's our job to listen and help them learn.

We can and we will bridge the gap because we’re Independent just like a lot of artists we mentor. The judges grind daily. We find success in our careers, but we keep the control on our brand. The format to this show is not your typical karaoke competition format. We are not like A-list celebrities sitting at the top reaping rewards after becoming a face of a label. We're different. We are proof you don't have to be a 'lucky' artist to be a 'successful' artist. Independence in music is important. We’ve accomplished so much and each year, we take time to share what we've learned with the amazing talent on this show.

As we sit and watch hundreds of artists walk into our room, with multiple cameras pointed directly at them, we see ourselves. We feel their nervousness. That's because we've been there before. It’s all a true reflection of where we were when we were first getting our careers off the ground.

SHINE is the best independent artist competition in the WORLD; not just the country!

Real judges, real artist development, no scripts, and real lives are being changed!

SHINE 4 LIFE! Our new season is coming in 2021, so stay tuned.

Talk to you guys soon.

All the best,


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