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Small minds talk about people, great minds talk about ideas.

I'd love to share some good updates with my business, but there's too many people attacking my energy... so I'll update after I succeed. Looks like while I've been minding my business, others have been minding my business too! It's so funny how everyone claims to be SO REAL, yet still continue to talk behind each other's backs... especially mine. You talk about my character, about my business. How hard is it to address a concern about someone TO THEM and not to everyone in the group? It's just childish. I would like to give anyone who has ever had something to say about me behind my back, the opportunity to address it to ME.

I want to know exactly where we lie, and how to move forward cause I'm REAL done with this fake energy. I don't take friendship lightly. I'm a real ride or die. If you're my friend, then you're my family, but if you fuck with me, you're dead to me. There is no in between, there is no half-assing when it comes to the efforts I put into people. ✌🏾 I'm not going to continue to put my effort into any one that doesn't have my best interest at heart.

The people I keep around me are supportive, talk plans, talk travel, we don't talk about EACH OTHER. If you're not on a mission to build each other up to succeed together, I don't have the time for it. I'm too busy building wealth for myself to be in the center of drama. So if you have something to say about me, the floor is yours. Don't be shy now. See ya next week!

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