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Love and Literacy

So as you guys already know I do not like doing blogs. I’m always late to do them, but here recently it seems they're getting more jugoso.

The new year has been a great one so far. I have spent more time with my twin sisters, my two of my best friends, Zaira and Lanaye, and more time with my boyfriend. We've had some amazing times together. On the show you will get to see some of the obstacles my boyfriend and I faced. I'm proud to say all we've overcome.

Anybody that says their relationship is smooth sailing, isn't really sailing anywhere.

For those that haven't been reading my blogs, I'm dating Brandon. We decided at the jump of this year, to plan a couple's retreat once a month. January we settled back into the new year and decided to start this month.

Brandon planned us a trip to San Diego and it was magical. We went to the San Diego Zoo, various seafood spots (because seafood is my favorite) and spent some quality time together.

We got a nice little suite in the Gaslamp area. It wasn't very busy and we stayed on the move. We had reservations and did just about everything we could, while also staying safe during the pandemic.


Kasi, Brandon, Rachel and Me

Valentine's Day was probably my favorite to date. I got to spend the day with Brandon, where we went to church that morning, hit Granville for brunch and then invited some friends to my house to hang before Rachel's party.

I was going to cook, but instead, we went shopping. I bought a new fit for Rachel's. It helped get me in the party mood and I was looking forward to it.

When we got back to my house, we got some alcohol and waited for our friends to come over for a pre-drink. Monique and Cliff both came, but the surprise was when Cliff brought along a man. Yea - a man.

Hey Ramon! Hope we see more of him soon.

Thanks for inviting us Rachel. We had a great time and ended up staying way longer than we originally planned. That is a sign of a good time.

I then planned a day out with Brandon after Valentine's Day. There's only so much you can do in a day, so he took the actual day, and I took a few days later. We went to eat and then hit the track - the go-kart track. 🏎️

It was fun. It was also a surprise, so when Brandon started laughing and told me he was thinking about planning a go-kart day with our group, I thought it was perfect. I mean it was like a little practice. We're both pretty competitive. Lol, I beat him a few times, he beat me a few times.

Also, happy belated birthday to Rachel Lorin. She's a rockstar. Literally, google her. We had so much fun at your bday party - thank you for inviting us.

Were you looking for some shade in this blog? 😂

You don't want me coming forth to speak, because if I do, I'm be airing everything out - all the dirty laundry. I don’t give a shit who’s feelings are hurt because many of you are not my 'friends', you are (or were) friends with Brandon. So do not try me and try and be half as real as my boyfriend.

One thing I will say is people need to keep names out of their mouth if they wouldn't say the things to the person's face. With everything going on, I can tell you Brandon is one of the most upfront people you will ever meet. Some of us do keep things to ourselves because our mutual friend was always Brandon, so we didn't always associate with everyone in the cast without Brandon. But, Brandon genuinely cares for everyone. He can be blunt, but he will keep it real. To be honest, up until this week, he hasn't bashed anyone in this cast. After Las Vegas, he helped motivate me to hash it out with Sev last Christmas, and apologize to Alitalia when a 'Madea' comment was taken to heart. As he would say he keeps us honest.

I spend tons of time with him and I can attest I've seen it first hand.

So no Alitalia, he's never said bad things about you. I've been around when you've said bad things about many people in this cast though. So don't lash out at those who loved you, because you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses.

And Demetre... he never said he disliked you. You're both guilty for not reaching out 'first.' You're both guilty of being shady at times. So no more pointing fingers and just have the conversation. Alitalia bouncing back and forth between you both is not it.

Alright everybody. See you next week.

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