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Lovely Weather for a Sleigh Ride Together 🛷

So we’re back from Big Bear and the work STILL isn’t done! I mean... is it ever though?

Let’s rewind... ⏪

Big Bear was a good time but I was kind of sad to see NO SNOW 😭. I did make the most of it because I got to see the orange and yellow leaves.

I love to see the seasons changing.

The Big Bear trip started off weird upon arrival because we "Good Food Gurus" were asked to do some specialty cocktails and apps for three nights. I knew we were still having food, but Brandon thought it would be a good idea. He said we had to feed 16 people for a whole weekend.

So he said to send him the list of what we needed because they were going to Costco the next day. We were fine with this, because we do cocktails and cool apps all the time at our house for events. We made a list of three appetizers, three dips and three drinks, then sent it to Brandon.

He said he loved it, and everything looked great.

A few days passed and it was time to go on the trip.

We hadn’t heard from Brandon, so we were guessing that he got everything we needed. Since the arrival time was 2p-5p we wanted to arrive at the earlier time so we cold prepare that night’s cocktail and apps. Something told me that we wouldn’t have everything we needed and 40 minutes out from Big Bear, we learn only 4 things from our list was found... and they were still at the store looking for the items on the list. There was no way we could do anything with the items that were found. Now had we known this a few days in advance, we could have gone to the store ourselves days before the trip.

When we arrived, Alitalia and Rachel greeted us and asked for the ‘food we were supposed to be bringing.’ That was never the plan. I let them know that Brandon was suppose to be bringing the food and we were preparing. Apparently they were running behind because I then find out that they were suppose to meet Brandon at the cabin at 12pm.

So at this point I let them know that we wouldn’t be doing the Good Food Gurus experience due to us not having what we needed.

I spoke to Brandon on the phone and let him know that we sent him the list days ago, wondering why is he just now opening the list the day of the trip? I also asked Joel what happened, since he lives with Brandon and is part of production. Don’t worry, everything I discussed with Joel, I told Brandon on the phone prior.

No shade - but all facts. Berto, of course, figured out another cool cocktail to make. We had a great rest of the night!

Omg, SNOW TUBING was a blast. It was the little piece of winter wonderland that I needed on this trip. We got plenty of bomb pics while there too! I’m always here for a good photo opp!

I won an amazing holiday themed bottle opener set, and a bottle of wine during the white elephant game so I was happy with that!

Mo and Justin chef’d it up in the kitchen all weekend and did a great job! 👏🏽

We ended up having to leave the night before everyone left because we got booked on a Facebook gig.

We had to be there the next morning at 9AM and trying to do that the morning of would have been stressful! The shoot turned out amazing... long, but amazing!

I’m getting more and more excited about Christmas and can’t even contain myself!!

Happy holidays to everyone and I’ll see you guys next week!


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