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Maggie Hollis Dazzles in Top 40 Performance on Shine

The country music singer, Maggie Hollis, performed her original song "Sincerely" in a Top 40 performance the fans are raving over.

In the long-awaited 9th episode, Maggie Hollis took the first position in the line up of Top 40 performances. And she did not disappoint.

Maggie Hollis in promotion for Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV BTV streaming on Sunday nights. Vote for her by commenting in the comments of the episodes. She is a country music singer.
Maggie Hollis, Shine Season 3

When Hollis first auditioned for the judges in Nashville, Tennessee, she received a unanimous yes. Though she wasn't a singer you'd remember as much as others. When they showed her flashback in the recent episode, it reminded viewers how different she looked before. No longer wearing braces, and seemingly matured quite a bit, the makeover was exponential - kudos to production.

Her song "Sincerely" was about a break up that really pulled at the heart strings. As a young singer/songwriter, its often hard for the connection to feel organic performing such a mature concept. Hollis handled it with flying colors.

2'Live Bre was in a live with Claire RockSmith, newly announced host of Shine spin-off, Shine Juniors, that "[Hollis] is one of my favorites."

Maggie Hollis, Shine Season 3 BTV Brandon TV Study Hall in episode 9. Sunday nights. Singing competition. Shine TV series. Shine show.
Maggie Hollis, Shine Season 3

Hollis took vocal lessons from the same teacher as Season 2 winner, Dakota Hayden. When Hayden returned as a mentor, the judges learned more about their friendship. The two have been supporting each other for years before Shine. Hollis learned about the show after Hayden's win

Sources close to Hayden say he wishes her "nothing but the best" during her journey on Shine. And he thinks she could win it all.

Catch Hollis on this Sunday's episode, where the Top 40 face eliminations. A contestant is seen walking off the ending teaser of last week's episode, signifying an explosive episode on the way.

Hopefully Hollis is safe and our country music sweetheart survives.


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