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Maria Mekus in "Sister Rules" Reality Series Coming to BTV

Reality TV is starting to take off at Brandon TV "BTV" following the success of popular competition series, Shine.

Maria Mekus on set of "Sister Rules"

BTV Studios posted on their Instagram yesterday about a new show in the works by the name of Sister Rules. There is not much we know yet, but what we do know, is that BTV is expanding their unscripted division as more popularity surrounds their first breakout series, Shine. You can see a sneak peek for Sister Rules here.

In the Instagram caption it said, "Maria Mekus is in the hot seat for her new reality series, #sisterrules."

The show looks like it will star Maria Mekus, mother to influencer Ayden Mekus, and Leesa Ward, her sister. The two of them seem to have some entertaining banter, but where the show will go is undefined as of now. Sources close to Maria and Leesa told BTV Insider that much of the format for the show is still being flushed out. "New faces are being introduced now and they're gearing up for their first cast trip," one source said.

We are ready for more reality TV and we are looking forward to more updates on this new series.


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