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Marlene Ortiz Teases Fans About The Getaway Los Angeles Premiere

Last week, Marlene Ortiz posted to her Instagram story with a peek at The Getaway Los Angeles (or abbreviated as TGLA) first episode.

Marlene Ortiz cheers to premiere of The Getaway Los Angeles on BTV (Brandon TV). TGLA. New reality tv show with reality tv star.
Marlene Ortiz, Courtesy of Instagram

It all went down at Shine's watch party, where all the judges were seen together at Brandon Stewart's home, with some close friends. Among some of those close friends were TGLA cast members:

- Marlene Ortiz

- Monique Martin

- Justin Byrd

Ortiz posted some enticing photos and videos that had some Instagram fans asking about the show's release. One of them was an actual video of the television, giving a literal sneak peek of one of the episodes - which were assuming to be the first one. It teased a scene of Matt Sarafa.

Marlene Ortiz and Alitalia Adams pose in Las Vegas during their first cast trip on The Getaway Los Angeles available to stream on Brandon TV BTV in March 2023.
Marlene Ortiz and Alitalia Adams, The Getaway Los Angeles

BTV recently posted a photo revealing that TGLA would release in March of 2023.

The photo highlighted another cast member from the show, Demetre Durham. He is sporting a Christmas sweater just in time for the holidays.

The caption read "March 2023."

Durham found himself in a few feuds through the course of the show. By the end of filming, he and Stewart were entangled in a web of drama with their friend, Alitalia Adams. Adams and Stewart were best friends leading into the start of the show, but following the drama around filming online, it seems they're not as close anymore as the two of them no longer follow each other on social media. Adams doesn't follow Durham either.

So what all happened? That's something we will have to wait and see on the show when it releases, because Durham and Stewart still remain Instagram followers.

The first feud that got fans intrigued was between Martin and Severin Valazquez.

Stay tuned for more updates on TGLA and the cast.


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