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I don't argue - I remove myself. I'm too grown for it.

This is all new to me, but they know not to come at me sideways HunnTee.

Hi I'm Mo! I'm giving you hair life every week with my 80s style.

I work in the corporate world by day and I'm a single mother. And nooo... my kids are not babies, they're grown adults. So every now and then, I need a #Getaway. If you are excited to see what this circle of friends brings, then hunnies buckle up and get ready for some love, laughs, fun times. And some shade 😎 - oh yea we bring it.

Of course Muvva sits back... well until prevoked that is. Stay loyal. Stay you. Cause I'm going to keep being me. Tune into our #Getaway. 🤫

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