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Monique is Officially a G'Mo (TGLA Exclusive)

What exactly is a G'Mo? It's short for a glamorous grand'mo, don't you know?

Isn't Nakai Golden the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Monique and Her Son

Monique Martin will tell you, she isn't much of a socialite. She was introduced into the group through one of her best friends, Brandon Stewart, who introduced many of the cast members on the show. But now that she's got a new grand baby, her priorities are certainly shifting.

At the start of The Getaway: Los Angeles, Monique is really focused on collecting her coin and raising her son.

She prides herself on keeping a tight circle of friends, but slowly starts blending into Brandon's social circles more and more. She gets pretty hesitant and as one of the most outspoken people you'll meet, some people just "get on her nerves." When they don't rub her the right way, she doesn't hold her tongue.

Then her life changes forever when her daughter tells her she's pregnant.

Monique and Her Daughter

Now she's keeping an eye on her son, raising a beautiful new grand baby, building relationships with new friends and maintaining her full time management position at Earth Bar.

Who doesn't want a smokin' hot, superwoman grandma anyway? We know she's going to be spoiling her new grand baby for quite sometime.

And hey, we're okay with it, as long as she shares some cute photos along the way.

Don't miss the premiere of The Getaway: Los Angeles coming this in the Summer of 2021. It's chock full of inspiration, entertainment and a little bit... crazy.


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