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Monique Martin Becomes Early Favorite in New Reality Series

Monique Martin, a single mother and cast member of The Getaway Los Angeles, is a breakout favorite after the release of the first teaser.

The series follows a group of friends who are looking to build their professional endeavors. The core of the group consists of transplants from across the nation, moving to Los Angeles to pursue a better life - not only in their careers but in their personal lives too.

In the teaser, Martin is one of the first to fire up a feud with fellow cast members. But from the looks of how the blogs reacted after the release, many are starting to build interest around the new reality star.

T News reported an article heavily leaning in Monique's favor. This was after Eric 'Severin' Velazquez, threatened to punch her in the face. The feud seemed to be deep rooted in more than just what was shown on the teaser, as Martin talked about a photo of a shirt he wore from H&M that he tried to pass off as 'hashtag' Versace. Her friend, Justin Byrd, confirmed the allegation, saying "we goin' to see" in reference to the paired clutch he also wore in the photo. The two must think he sports fraudulent labels.

Before the explosive back and forth at the end of the teaser, Martin is seen sitting with her mother, talking about how she will stand up for those she feel can't stand up for themselves. So it leaves many questions. What is their beef? How did it start? And who does she feel like she needs to stand up for?

Martin is now a grandmother, with two kids, and according to her Instagram, is dating a new man as well. Since the filming of the series, she's been promoted at her job as well. Martin is keeping herself busy, and when asked about the series, she said she's "ready for it to come out!"

Martin told us, "There is so much tea to spill and I'm ready to spill it."

Watch the teaser and stay tuned for a premiere date announced closer to the finale of Shine, which returns next month.


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