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Monique Martin Posts Senior Year Throwback

A new throwback from The Getaway Los Angeles' Monique Martin hit Instagram today, after she saw her Lakewood High School yearbook.

Monique Martin at 18 years old, Lakewood High School Yearbook, The Getaway Los Angeles, Younger self. Molotta40 Instagram post August 25th
Courtesy of Monique Martin's Instagram

Martin seems to look the same today as her throwback photo years ago.

Martin's caption read "...super throwback. Just found my senior photo online through the Lakewood High School year book. OMG!!"

Lakewood High School is a public high school located in the southern California city of Lakewood. It is the home of many successful people including Hilton Hotel's CEO, Steve Bollenbach and co-found of The Home Depot, Pat Farrah.

Founded in 1957, it is part of the Long Beach Unified School District.

Martin is set to make her reality TV debut on digital network, BTV Studios, later this Fall. A single mother and breakout favorite, the series follows her and her friends who are looking to build their professional endeavors. The core of the group consists of transplants from across the nation, moving to Los Angeles to pursue a better life - not only in their careers but in their personal lives too. Martin is one of the only homegrown Californians who helps show them the ropes; while mentoring some of the cast as a 'muvva' figure - a play on words for the group's mother.

Bloggers seem to like Monique. T News reported an article heavily leaning in Monique's favor during the first feud of the show highlighted in the trailer. This was after co-star, Eric 'Severin' Velazquez, threatened to punch her in the face.

Monique Martin in TGLA The Getaway Los Angeles airing this fall on BTV Brandon TV
Still of Monique Martin in The Getaway Los Angeles Amid Feud

The feud seemed to be deep rooted in more than just what was shown on the teaser, as Martin talked about a photo of a shirt he wore from H&M that he tried to pass off as 'hashtag' Versace. She even talked about it in her blog post during the filming of the show. Her friend, Justin Byrd, confirmed the allegation, saying "we goin' to see" in reference to the paired clutch he also wore in the photo. The two must think he sports fraudulent labels.

Martin is now a grandmother, with two kids, and according to her Instagram, is dating a new man as well. Since the filming of the series, she's been promoted at her job, while keeping herself busy. When asked about the series, she said she's "ready for it to come out!"


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