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Monique Smokes the Blogs Again (TGLA Exclusive)

After one of the most popular #TGLA Instagram posts to date, Monique Martin and Severin Kameni are at it again. Click here to catch up.

And can you believe this was all over a shirt bought from H&M?

Of course it would be a popular post, especially after two former friends were at odds for all the world to see. From petty comments about hair, to airing out addictions, it got messy. With almost 100 comments, the yet to launch reality series garnered another round of fans engaging - including some lingering cast members like Justin Byrd who asked, "Next time can you go off on Twitter? I’m trying to insert popcorn GIFs 🍿🎥"

Can you believe these two used to go on trips together?

Monique and Sev with Friends in Malibu

The unfortunate truth, it wasn't all bad when the two of them met. Monique talks in the first season of The Getaway Los Angeles about how she really liked Sev when she met him. The former friends used to vacate with several of their mutual friends, also in the cast on #TGLA including Brandon Stewart, Justin, Marlene Ortiz, producer Joel Parent, Cliff Watson and others.

When Brandon surprised the cast of #TGLA in Las Vegas, he talks about how he heard rumblings that Monique and Sev were on the outs. So he convinces the two of them to talk it out on the patio of his suite, hoping they can solve their problems before the trip ends. It quickly escalates, which leads to the show's first big controversy.

Monique sets her sights on Sev again today, in a reply to all of Sev's Instagram videos days after his online confrontation with Monique.

Here is a video from Sev's Instagram page he posted, as his fight with Mo grew bigger online.

This, along with many other videos alike, Sev threatens Monique will get the "one, two" insinuating a fight. Then he said, "I got (New York) bitches that'll fly out." That's when Monique went back to target practice taking jabs at Sev again in her blog. She wrote, "He kept on with the poking, so I'm hitting targets now."

Monique's blog today was titled, "Never Bothered". She feels his problem could stem from a jealous temperament toward black women. "When I say the dude had absolutely nothing to say... only comeback had was about my hair!"

She continued, "f that's all you have, please don't waste my time. If you noticed that's the only thing he says when it comes to a black woman. He said it about Alitalia and myself, so I'm starting to think he has an issue with black woman in general."

Sev in Drag

She even posted this photo she screenshot from his Instagram; before she admits he blocked her.

"All together, this #versaceshirt from H&M has been taken way too far. It's something that started off as a joke, where everyone laughed, now it's taken personal. So personal, Sev got on IG live for attention." She wrote.

Read her latest blog entry here, and get caught up on the feud between the two former friends, who likely won't be mending fences anytime soon.


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