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Monique Wears Sev's "Versace" (TGLA Exclusive)

It's no surprise that Monique Martin and Severin Kameni from The Getaway: Los Angeles (#TGLA) are still not getting along. And this time, Monique took the first shot.

Monique, who goes by Mo for short, took to her blog writing about her trip to Santa Monica with 'the boys' - which consisted of Brandon Stewart, producer, Joel Parent and Cliff Watson.

Mo wrote, "As we are checking racks, the boys find the shirt that made headlines in the beginning of #thegetawayLA."

At the 4th of July party last year, a party many cast members reference throughout the first half of the season, Sev was confronted about a post he made online regarding a shirt he insinuated was 'hash-tag' Versace.

Mo then came with the receipts, as she posted the infamous Instagram post that started it all.

She continued, "The infamous Versace shirt from H&M." Then she went on to add, "Yes!! Brandon and I had a...moment. I'll be the first to admit that we do because we usually are trying to get down to the bottom of shit before taken heads off."

During the season, many of the other cast members are social butterflies; however, it's no secret that Mo is not. Sev began with #TGLA in the beginning, but since has not been reportedly filming with the cast since their trip to Las Vegas. There has been speculation amongst the group that he may return, but reports have not been confirmed by BTV Insider.

One thing we know, these two are still not getting along. Read her full blog entry right here and see how their friendship first started falling apart when #TGLA airs this Summer.


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