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Moving Tings

I found a place!

By the grace of God, my assistant I finally found a new place. It was with T-minus 4 days left. What can I say? I like living life on the edge. My anxiety hates me though.

Not only am I packing all my belongings, I also have to pack for Big Bear this weekend!! I’m always up for an adventure but all of this happening in one weekend, is overwhelming. Plus... I might have to cut the trip short because of work!

I really don’t want to complain right now though because a lot of people are losing their jobs, and for some, their businesses. I’m very grateful to still have both my jobs and a business running smoothly.

I’m ready for drinks at Big Bear and some fun games. I’m aaaaaaall about the games and holiday cheer!

Just got my nails done to get me more in the mood! Maybe I’ll have a little holiday something at my new place to break it in...and invite everyone this time 👀

Check back for Big Bear updates next week. See you then!

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