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New Bitch Alert 🚨

Hi, my name is Reyna.

I am a very artistic and outgoing person. I like to vibe with people. I like to kickback and party. One thing I freakin hate though... is writing. Which is why these blogs are going to be hard for me. Other than that, partying is where it’s at. Ha!

I tattoo, I’m a piecer and do tooth gems. You can check out my work here. I work in LA. I am also a single mom. She's a two year old toddler. Yes, I get bossed around everywhere... LOL. But that’s okay. The only person that would ever rule my life is my daughter.


I am the oldest of 5 kids and I have always been the momma of the group. I like to take care of people and I’m very friendly. I like to think I'm easy to get along with.

It's the NEW YEAR! Hm. I mean, my goals for this year would just be about getting a lot more clientele for my business. Get them books filled, baby.

Another big goal is getting my clothing launched. And I guess another would be I moving out and finally being on my own. I still stay with my mother right now, but yeah. It's just because I have a toddler.

Oh! Another goal is to get my body right. I want to feel healthy and feel confident. Not that I don’t already, I just want to get looking better.

I just want to go with the flow of life and be happy. I want to live it up. Turn it up. So... it's nice to meet y’all. Start checkin in with me every week right here on my blog.

Catch me soon.

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