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New Blog. New Shows. A New Shine.

I am so thrilled to be launching our official blog to keep up with all of your favorite BTV reality stars. We have the return of Shine, new series Getaway and more unscripted shows coming at you soon.

Woo! I'd say that's some exciting stuff. Well, you're going to be hearing more from me and many of the other personalities on our shows. Y'all know I'm going to have plenty of opinions on the judging panel this season, joined again by my good friends and mentors 2'Live Bre and Ashthon Jones.

Oh and yes, they'll be blogging weekly right here with me too. Which may I add, Bre has toughened up this year. Dare I say more tough than I? I don't know, but the energy on the panel has definitely shifted during this pandemic. I think Ashthon said no more times than I did. It's going to be fun to watch because this season is far different than last. As the world evolves, music does too. Apart from many upgrades across cameras, lighting and technical elements, the focus this year is on the stories. There are stories from the global pandemic and stories from social injustices that have affected our artists. Music is a universal language and we’re honored to provide a platform to have such conversations. This season is going to pack a punch and inspire us all.

Stay tuned.

With love,


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