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I'm very excited to share that Lusso Vitale has launched a 10 free, VEGAN nail polish!

These gorgeous polishes are made in small batches, and are bottled in Italian glass to retain longevity.

I'm so incredibly proud of my progress since beginning this business journey in July. At first, I wanted to be the hub for all things beauty. I started with nails, hair and lashes. I've even talked about expanding with lip gloss and eyeliner etc. to have the brand seem more " full".

As time has passed, I've realized that it's crucial in a business to only do what you're passionate about. Also, you don't need 100 products to appeal to everyone. Focus on ONE thing. For me, that's nails. With this launch, I will no longer be selling lashes, but instead will sell lash and other vendors on my new vendor list IG page, Lusso Vendi.

I'm happy to only be focusing on one product genre that brings me joy, instead of trying to offer things just because it appeals to the masses.

You can say that this is common sense, but I'm telling you, sometimes you really just have to learn for yourself. This has been a learn as you go experience and I'm very proud of myself and how much I've learned. Let's look at how far Lusso has come these past 6 months.

Above is from my original launch in August:

A)My original site design

B) Nails that I purchased from multiple vendors then repackaged myself

C) My original packaging - boxes & labels were seperate

Above is from my recent launch:

A) New site design

B) Custom, manufactured nails and packaging done by 1 vendor

C) My hand, the first brown hand on any nail packaging

Night and DAY.

I'm a team of ONE. I am the site designer, the research specialist, the product tester, the investor, the model, the customer service rep... it's all ME. Of course, I've had help along the way, but I am the "team" of my business. As a friend told me, this is not for the faint of heart. Doing it all is hard and It's overwhelming, but mostly, it's rewarding.

Along the way, I've had a tremendous amount of support and guidance, and a lesser amount of speculation and criticism. People will always judge what they don't care to understand. Those people don't understand the time, money and effort that goes into building a business in general, especially a product based business.

Every day, I look at my inventory and sometimes I get impatient, but then I remember that the fruit is not picked the same day the seed is planted. This is a processes. From the beginning to now, I've continued to educate myself, try different things and truly evolve this businesses.

This is just the beginning.

Starting this business has been a privilege and I'm grateful to have created something so great. Each day, I look forward to continuously learning how to make it better. Check out the line up on

Talk soon,


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