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New Reality Series Starring Lilly K From Dance Moms

The first project is underway at Teen Vibes Magazine, with a cast packed full of fun young personalities.

In the world of reality TV, the controversial shows tend to grab most of the headlines. But for every Tiger King, there's an Amazing Race: reality shows you can watch with your whole family, rather than sneak them in as guilty pleasures after bedtime.

The series will look to follow a small group of teens on a retreat to Big Bear, California, where good times will soon follow. Scheduled events include snow tubing, skiing, a game night, early morning yoga, spinning session, a bonfire and much more.

The real question is... will there be drama?

The format of the show looks to dive into the lives of successful teen entertainers, who take a long weekend off of work to be kids again.

But who do we know is cast so far?

Stacey Ketchman and Lilly K, Former Dance Moms Cast Members, Smiling. US Weekly, Magazine. Teen Vibes Magazine.
Stacey Ketchman and Lilly K, Courtesy of Stacy Ketchman

Lilly K. The young starlet from the later seasons of Dance Moms will return to the small screen to revive the bubbly personality we all miss. The question is, will her mother make an appearance? We're kind of hoping so.

Claire RockSmith. The Squad. Piper Rockelle. Lawsuit. YouTuber. Actress. Shine Juniors. Teen Vibes Magazine.
Claire RockSmith, Courtesy of Instagram

Claire RockSmith. The budding comedic actress recently led a small cast in a digital success titled, Who's Claire; A series that follows a young girl on a journey of self-discovery, filled with many unpredictable twists. It quickly became an online phenomenon when the first episode scored over 200K views within the first few weeks.

She has never dipped into reality TV, until recently, announcing she'd be joining the cast of Shine Juniors, the first spin-off of the hit digital series, Shine.

Lilly and RockSmith seemed to have clicked during filming. The duo posted to Instagram several times, including TikToks fans really enjoyed.

The cast continues with Izzie Florez.

Izzie Florez, Courtesy of Lisa. Teen Vibes Magazine.
Izzie Florez, Courtesy of Lisa

The young actress has had quite the career thus far, now excited to put her business in the rear view mirror for one long weekend, and enjoy a luxury getaway.

Florez is known for her fashion sense, but she's also known for her blunt candor. Though she is the youngest of the bunch, we're also told she's most intense. From a newfound crush and a few new friends, Florez is nothing short of entertaining on the trip.

Mia Nina, Melody Butler, Teen Vibes Magazine
Mia Nina, Courtesy of Melody Butler

The hostess with the mostess, Mia Nina, is also set to star in the series. She's the co-founder of the Teen Vibes Magazine brand, who's idea of a good time is just as positively reinforced, as the magazine she launched with her mother.

Zoe Grace, Courtesy of Tracey Rodriguez, Teen Vibes Magazine
Zoe Grace, Courtesy of Tracey Rodriguez

Next is Zoe Grace. The upcoming influencer is full of life, and secrets, finding herself at the epicenter of some gossip that might stir some things up.

DJ Alden, Teen Vibes Magazine, Next Big Influencer.
DJ Alden

DJ Alden. The young DJ has new music on the way, and hopes to surprise his cast with a very special set he prepared just for them. But when one of the girls start crushing on him, all things start changing.

Ryker Baloun, Courtesy of Teen Vibes Magazine. The Connors. Actor.
Ryker Baloun, Courtesy of Teen Vibes Magazine

Ryker Baloun. The young actor needs a break, after his recent work on The Connors taught him how important it is to take care of his mental health along his journey in Hollywood.

There's no denying that reality television has become a staple on television. From game shows and dating competition shows, to cooking shows and shows centered around real families, there is no shortage of reality television content. These days, there's a reality series about nearly everything, but the goal for TVM is to bring an entertainment aspect that doesn't dive into personal trauma like many television networks tend to pursue.

Behind the Scenes of Teen Vibes Magazine Photoshoot 2022. New TV Show. BTV. Brandon TV.
Behind the Scenes of Teen Vibes Magazine Photoshoot 2022

While some popular reality television shows have been reimagined with younger casts, other shows have been created from scratch, letting kids dictate what a reality show looks like to them. Even popular spin-offs of successful digital shows have found their 'junior' niche, proving fans love to see kids have fun.

The only thing that differed between adult reality television and children's reality tv shows, is that the kids tend to be way nicer than the adults. But in many cases, the ratings are about the same.

Don't miss more on the first reality TV project at Teen Vibes Magazine. This project will launch the Unscripted Content Division at the magazine, expanding opportunities for the young people they look to promote.

The series will be executive produced by Melody Butler and Brandon Stewart, and will release in 2023 on BTV.


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