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New Series "Sister Rules" Premieres Sunday, March 12th

There is a new reality tv show coming and it's all about family trauma and how to overcome it. Sister Rules peeks into the lives of two women, determined to find a way to overcome the things that have kept them apart.

Maria Mekus and Leesa Ward in Episode 1 of "Sister Rules". Ayden Mekus mom new show. BTV. Brandon TV. Tv Show. Sister Rules tv show. Maria mekus tv show. Ayden tik Tok. TikTok.
Maria Mekus and Leesa Ward in Episode 1 of "Sister Rules"

The series is starring Maria Mekus and Leesa Ward, two sisters who decide to create a roadmap back to their 'family first' mentality. After years of separation, Mekus and Ward help one another discover the truth about their past and why a rulebook for their future could be the right way to move forward.

Mekus' is most notably known as the momager to viral sensation, Ayden Mekus. He first got his start on Dhar Mann's online series, about uplifting people around the world to be kind. From there, the TikTok star launched his own inspiring brand; with the help of his mother. When the series first starts, we quickly learn how proud Mekus is of her son.

But during the near 2 decades it took to raise her son, Mekus fell away from her sister. And Ward's last 15 years haven't been as simple.

The former real estate tycoon hit massive roadblocks in her career when she was found guilty of a Ponzi scheme in her hometown of Tracy. A three year investigation alleged Ward of stealing from 34 victims, promising a return on investment she couldn't provide. She has since written a book detailing her experience and what really happened all those years ago.

Though it all happened 15 years ago, Ward still hasn't found the strength to get over the damage it left. And neither has Mekus, as the two of them rehash old wounds that still linger throughout the series.

During filming, producers struggled to keep the two on the right path. Sources close to Mekus say that Ward really struggled with the concept, as she's never opened up about her life like this before.

Mekus has more experience on camera, having been part of her son's content for many years and created some of her own too. Ward has moved more behind the scenes since pleading guilty. But things really took a turn, when the two had an argument that ceased filming for 6 months.

"It was hard to face what really was," Mekus told BTV Insider. "I mean what you see on the show is very real."

Ward told BTV Insider that she's "ready to inspire people with [her] story." The journey surrounding the two women is more than inspiring, it's mesmerizing. From their addictive banter, to their subtle shady digs at one another's quirks, the show is bound to be a hit.

The series was created by Brandon Stewart. It was executive produced by Stewart, and co-executive produced by Mekus and Ward. The series will stream on Mekus' YouTube channel Sundays at 12:00pm, with syndicated viewing available at BTV.

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