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New Year, New Truth

I'm done with the fake shit. So... listen up.

I'm done with the smiling behind cameras and acting like everything is good. Y'all bitches act different when cameras are not filming, like you got everything to say about a person. What is Cliff talking about? Well, you're talking to me like everything is good, then to everybody else, you're making it seem like there are issues. There is always this issue, that issue, and whatever issue. WHY?

You out here acting like you have to lie to me, I'm not that GOD DAMN important for you to have to lie to me. I mean, tell. me how you really feel about a person.

There's no need to call y'all out, you know I'm talking about you. If the shoe fits bitch, you wear it. Just remember that you were introduced into the group, by the same people that you're talking about.

Before I get going forreal, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS! My resolutions are to stop playing around with this phony fake shit and to keep drinking Henny and champagne baby. I do need to thank Kasi though, cause she brought me on to this champagne. Child, I never knew I could get this tipsy off of some champagne. From new drinks to real feelings, imma be the realest Clifton Watson that's ever been.

For example...

If me and Beyonce were chillin together and she tried to read me, I'm about to read that bitch for filth. I'm going to dog her the fuck out. I'm going to keep it real. Cause all you did in your shows are the same steps from 2002. Nah, but I love me some Beyonce. I just don't care about who you are or where you're from, I'm going to treat you the same. You make me mad, you're going to hear about it.

Now for a certain somebody, you got my number. So you can reach out and ask me personally how I'm doing and not respond in the comments section on Instagram. I'm real and I expect everyone to be real also.

All I did was put some black clap hands and a heart. I was being supportive, but come on. Your comment back is "thank you friend! How are you?!" Like what? You could have texted me 'how are you doing' or something more personal. If this show ended today, would we be friends? I know this group would likely go back to the original core group and you wouldn't be in it. I don't wanna see that. This is what I be talking about with these cameras.

Just text me and let me know what's good. To me Instagram is like these blogs - superficial and fake. Let's be friends or not.

Alitalia and Marlene

On to a few others, you puttin' on a front like you puttin' on these little clothes for the cameras. It's funny to me, I see two people hanging out when they're genuinely not friends. It's all for the cameras.

I give the upmost respect to Mo because when she said she was done with Sev, she was done. She presented her point of view, explaining where she was coming from and why she didn't want to fuck with him anymore. She was the only real bitch to speak on it. She even sit me down and told me why she couldn't be friends with him anymore. It was out of respect for me and my friendship with him and that's real shit.

Do I agree with her? No. Am I going to talk shit about Sev? No. But at the same time, I give it up to Mo. At the end of the day, she is the only person that had a real reason to be done.

Can't nobody tell me nothing. Unless Sev has proof to show me that Mo said what he claims she said about his brother, I don't believe it. I know Mo, she wouldn't do that. She is woman enough to own it if she did say it.

Sev and I

I've gone through my own stuff with Sev. We got past it nor was it something that weighed us down very long. We're real friends. I accept him for who he is and keep it kickin. Not trynna be funny though, the only thing Sev stay doing that's annoying, is playing Brandon's damn music at every turn. He's his number 1 fan. Like bitch, we know Brandon can sing, we don't gotta listen to him all the time. Sev stay playing This is Me on repeat for the group and I had to tell him, you ain't gotta play his song every time we're in a mother fuckin group together. THIS IS ME! Bitch, we know. It's him. He's cool, moving on.

Trust and believe, I'm late to the party for these confessionals... but I got my day coming. My confessionals are around the corner

Everybody can be messy. I mean look at Roberto's situation. We all had something to say. You'll see it on the show. Do I believe it happened? Oh, ha! The proof is in the pudding. I'm only going off of the proof that was presented to me.

Now the proof for me wasn't Ian's word, because of his past at Brandon's birthday party.

Me personally...

I can't take what Ian says forreal. I've already caught Ian in a lie. Does that mean I hate him? Hell no. He's cool. But he also said he wasn't about to fuck Sev's friend, while his draws was damn near on the floor when we walked in. I understand Kasi wanting to protect her best friend, but no no. We all saw it. You can't hide the truth. That's a motto for 2021.

But that's not the proof I'm talking about when it comes to Roberto in Arrowhead. Ian's word is one thing, okay. But...

We all seen the video. Period.

However, I'm still surprised Brandon acted the way he did. For me the principle is that if a man crosses the line with mines, we gonna have a problem. You ain't gonna fuck with what is mines.

Brandon and I

Oh and by the way, leave Joel out the fucking show. Stop trying to bring Joel into storylines. He's our producer. He's producing. He's busy. Leave him be.

That's it from me and my champagne flute tonight. 🥂

See y'all next week. Goodnight.

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