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November Already???

Christ, I'm gonna have to put my seat belt on. The rest of this year is doing 90 in a 35!

Halloween was pretty chill. I was so focused on my business, I didn't have time to go all out on costumes, but I was still festive. One night I was 80's glamour shots and the next, I was pop art. Night one I went over to Demetre & Berto's for a movie night and they literally killed the food & drink. Berto is a charcuterie champion and Demetre is so festive with his creations. Check out their page on IG @goodfoodgurus to see their spooky spread!

Night two was Marlene's Dia de Los turn up! Honestly, I was expecting a surprise visit from Sev (since he & Marlene are close), but she assured that he wouldn't be present. That definitely would have been an awkward disaster, considering Mo and I cut ties with him completely.

Oh right, I haven't filled you in! After Vegas, I reached out to Sev saying that there's no point of being cordial anymore. Sev & I started as mutual acquaintances but now he's just become a HATER. I've tried to make the best out of encountering him, up until learning about his rumors and lies about me. I tried talking it out, but there's no more talking. Now, I'm completely done with knowing him or being around him again.

ANYWAY, back to the party. I was supposed to get there early to help with last minute set up, but I was running behind from a job (per usual). I still showed up hours before anyone arrived, so we were able to get ready together & do some family intros. Her parents made tacos & tortillas from scratch on their outside brick oven. It was my first time experiencing an altar...just a reminder that you don't stop celebrating someone once they're gone. It's always great to experience a different culture!

I haven't seen anyone since Halloween. I've been resting up from getting a molar removed... two weeks of soup and baby food have been fantastic! NOT! Besides that, I've been preoccupied with myself and my business. One thing about me, I'm a hardcore ambivert. For me, there's a delicate balance between stimulation and isolation. I even caught a little attitude at the Halloween party when we were waiting for Kasi to arrive to do the altar toast ( 3 hours after the party started). Of course, I love doing things with people, but once my social interaction meter is full, I get drained.

Lately, I've definitely needed alone time to put my life into perspective. It's hard for me to make time for others when I'm getting my ducks in a row. Thankfully, my current Airbnb is letting me extend my stay for 3 months! Woohoo! So housing is one huge aspect I don't have to worry about for a while.

I had a financial goal of attaining $5,000 by the first week of Nov and I was able to get pretty close by busting my ass and budgeting. It's such a blessing to be able to pay rent & car insurance months in advance.

The largest chunk of my brain space has been going to Lusso Vitale, of course. The hustle definitely doesn't stop, as I have to put A LOT of money into my inventory. I'm completely revamping the brand with new products for the eyes, lips and nails. I actually cried yesterday when I received some samples...I'm really turning my 10 hour days of research into tangible products! I'm really proud of myself and it gives me all the feels! Peep my new nail polish and other goodies on IG @lussovitale. I'm relaunching the business and site in Dec!

Rachel and I were supposed to do another pop up in Santee Alley the other day, but I gave myself a terrible migraine from being on my computer so long...We'll for sure be doing another pop up soon, either in person or virtual, COVID permitting.

I'll be going to visit my parents and friends in Virginia for Thanksgiving, so it will be nice to decompress and reset... at least I hope I'm able to go with the imposing COVID restrictions. I know that Brandon is planning a Big Bear trip too... I'm not sure of the dates but maybe we'll all be able to at least have a little get together before California shuts down again.

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