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"Now That's Sketch" Episode Reaches Over 50K Views

The first season of Now That's Sketch is available to stream; and it seems that's what fans from all over are doing.

The Quagmire Filmz original anthology series airs on BTV. The first episode premiered over a year ago on January 9th, 2020. It is produced by Quagmire Filmz. Producers include Louis Tovar, David Holt, Chelsea Teel and Daniel O'Reilly on the Quagmire Filmz side, with Andrew Young and Brandon Stewart attached from BTV Digital Studios. Tovar is the only credited Director on the series. BTV distributes the series worldwide where it has found syndication across YouTube, Facebook Watch, Instagram (IGTV) and Binge Networks so far.

The first episode to reach over 50K views was an episode in season 1.

The 11th episode titled "Fart Party" hit viral activity, pushing the series that averages about 1K views a week and 2-3K impressions, over the top. Who would have known a couple conversing about their farting habits would've drawn over 50K views and 250K impressions on YouTube alone?

The episode stars Teel and O'Reilly, who have worked together on numerous occasions. And it shows. O'Reilly, who you can see on projects such as General Hospital and Adventures of Aladdin, is no stranger to BTV having worked on Rusty Camel, a comedy that ran for 1 season and garnered quite the niche fanbase.

Teel is more of a newcomer, recurring in the majority of the sketches the series has to offer, in a portrayal of various personalities and characters.

The two have great chemistry on screen and show us why we shouldn't be afraid to fart. Or should we? Well, we still don't know, but it's quite entertaining.

Catch new episodes of Now That's Sketch, now in their 2nd season, streaming every Thursday night at 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST.


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