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Oh What Fun It Is To Ride!

Big Bear was an absolute blast.

I will be the first to admit that I was a bit apprehensive going into this trip. The cold and I are definitely frenemies at this point. I was happy to see that it wasn't a blizzard like I was expecting.

The house was absolutely beautiful. I was impressed. The only thing that was missing was a hot tub. But, let's be honest. With this group, that could have been an entire mess.

My favorite part of the trip had to be sledding. It was my first time. I was so scared, but I tried to play it off. Sometimes you just have to do something while you're scared. As long as you do it! It was such a rush!

We tried to go down the steepest hill holding hands. After a few miserably failed attempts, we got it. I spent the entire time trying to pick snow out of my shoes.

Next time I won't wear sneakers in the snow.

I keep forgetting how wild this group is. Get a little liquor in everybody and all hell will break loose. We twerked and fell and twerked and sang until our little hearts couldn't take it anymore - I'm still hungover.

Brandon had us play this talent game on our last night. I have to say I will be stealing it for my next function. It was hilarious to say the least.

I am so happy to see that Reyna and Shaka are joining our little crew. These two are some beautiful spirits. Reyna has no idea how happy I am that she is a tattoo artist. I am forever saying I need new ink. So, she will definitely be my go to person.

She is absolutely hilarious too. I found myself looking for her every time I needed a laugh. I would never guess she is 22. She may look like a teenager, but that girl is wise beyond her years. I was so impressed by some of the things she was saying.

Now Shaka is everyone's new social media manager.

He was giving us some lessons on how to stay relevant in this game. I was taking some copious mental notes. Also. I need to take notes on eating a bit healthier. His regime is no joke! I'm too busy looking for the pizza.

Side Bar: I also love that Ian is coming around more. Our group is so solid right now.

Side side bar: Marlene is slowly stealing my heart. That girl genuinely wants her people to succeed. So happy to get a bit closer to her this trip.

Life is good right now.


I have so much to look forward to this month. Our holiday get togethers, our shoot with Lauren and Facebook, going home... our charity!

This list goes on and on. For now, go and check out our website for our 12 Days of Christmas cocktails. We are on day 3. If you try one out, let us know!

And check out the cocktail I created just for this special trip. It was called "The Getaway,"

Check back for more updates next week. Click here for the Good Food Gurus website that showcases our cocktails, our food and more.

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