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Ooh! I Heard Some Spill!! 🍵

The past few weeks have been crazy busy for me, from work, personal life to the spillage that I have tried to digest over lunch with my mom.

As you all may or may not know, I work in the health & wellness industry. I currently oversee multiple restaurants inside of a high end gym. So with this pandemic, there is more work that has been done to get our teams ready for a safe & sanitized reopening. That is, once we get the greenlight.

Anywho... enough about work! I have been trying to work on having a better relationship with my sister, due to all of her drama. Lawd! I dont have time for it. I was at lunch with my mom the other day. We have a family intervention coming up. Yes, I’m serious.

But the real spill... 🍵 apparently there has been some drama going on between Sev & Rachel since 4th of July, which I had absolutely no idea about. I just been keepin up with these blogs, hunnie. But then again, why am I even surprised?? I have heard my name has come up in the topics of conversation too. 🤔 I most definitely will speak on this issue at hand...and face to face. As I said before, I sit back until provoked, because what I dont deal with is people who think they are DIVAS — talking negatively about everyone. Is it insecurities or jealously??? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Who am I speaking on? Stay tuned in.

This #Getaway to Vegas is seeming like it will be more like a “drama-way” if anything. Is that a word? It is today. Sorry if my grammar isn't up to your standards boo!! 🤣😝✌🏾Oh and surprise. That’s where we’re taking our next trip... Las Vegas baby!

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