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Paint the Truth

Let's bring in these good vibes this year! Together we can color it bright.

Alright y'all, cheesy introduction is out of the way.

We got a new president, a new vaccine and hopefully a new mindset for 2021. Let's face it, 2020 was not it. I'm happy to see the world opening back up and things shifting back to a bit of normalcy. Though last year was a great year for my company, it was a hard year for me mentally.

I lost myself in my business, limited social interation, trying to stack up my coins while the industry was shut down, not to mention jumping back into the reality tv world. As I mentioned before, I never thought I'd dive back into reality tv. It's been a chaotic ride. But apart from filming for The Getaway: Los Angeles #TGLA, I have been overseeing 100+ shows for BTV. And yes that's from development, all the way to production and distribution.

This year, I have made a huge resolution that has really helped thus far. I work 12-16 hours during a normal work day. So last year when I did that 7 days a week, it just wasn't healthy. Then adding on the fact I couldn't go to red carpet events here and there to let loose... that means no weekly cocktails? Like what! So this year, I take 2 days off a week. That's right! One. Two. And one of those two days falls on a Sunday, where I have been attending church again. God has been good!

It's been really amazing. I'm not going to front. I am just prioritizing my mental health and spending time with people I want to be spending time with. For example, yesterday morning I just got back from a 3 day San Diego trip with Justin. The zoo just opened up and restaurants are doing outdoor dining again. We really enjoyed ourselves.

One of our episodes from Now That's Sketch hit 50K views in the last few days.

That was a fun milestone. You can watch the entire first season here and catch new episodes from season two every Thursday night at 8 PM EST and 5 PM PST on YouTube. I know I mention it often, but the premiere for Shine is coming next month. The BTV family is excited for that as we're coming into season three. Did you know Shine was the first series I ever created? Blessings!

Did you guys ever catch the series, Wild Wild Yogis? It is a social media satire with a cannabis backdrop. I have to say I really enjoyed the full 6 episodes. This was a series we acquired from a partnering production company, Thursday Afternoon Films.

So they produced it, we found it, then blew it up for them. The premiere is up over 10K views and it's only about 3 months old.

The series has Emmy winner Kira Reed Lorsh guest starring as well. I'm proud of the performance and proud of the team behind it.

Okay here we go again with another TEA REPORT.

I read up on the blogs. I guess after Cliff's post, which pretty much called out half of the cast 🤣, Demetre got riled up enough to ring Alitalia. That's when I heard from her that he said everyone was talking mess about her and her business in Big Bear. She said he insinuated I wasn't a real friend to let people sit around a table talking about her. Demetre... why? You are always stirring the pot boy.

First things first, if he felt like what was being said around that table was bad, why didn't he speak up? Yet another instance you will see play out in the show where Demetre stay shady. Demetre will nonchalantly poke at people and forget he even did anything. I has my three strike policy with him last year. When he struck out, I made sure to confront him and detail why I don't trust him.

We talked it out, and I started brand new this year with Demetre. After all that, shady comments and lies continued by week one. 😭

I really find Demetre fun, at times, he just crosses the line too often. I'm slowly starting to think he's gaslighting the actual tea that spilled in Big Bear, which is in regard to his relationship. I've grown to love his BF Roberto and I think he has a big heart, but what Demetre's not going to do is makeup new perceptions of how the Big Bear trip really played out. Cause baby boy, you bring the mess every time.

Now y'all know Valentines is around the corner, right? Rachel sent the invite out to her Valentine's Day party coming up. As long as I've known her she has Valentine's parties every year. It should be fun. She just moved and so I'll be interested to see what her new place is looking like. We had several parties in her old apartment and we had fun, we just didn't have a lot of room.

Thanks for checking out another blog everybody. #TGLA is about to be popping when we premiere, because my friends and I are as entertaining as they come. Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities to live in, and we are doin' it big.

With love,


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