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Party Time

First of all, we have a president again!! And we have beautiful Kamala Harris right there next to him. Honestly so excited for Trump supporters to find a new personality trait.

I will be celebrating my birthday coming up!

I’m still one of youngest in the group, but turning 23 and looking back at everything I’ve accomplished, I’m not mad. Don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I might run away that day... or have a party. It depends on how I’m feeling lol.

Putting the finishing touches on my apartment is crucial right now because Valentine’s Day is coming.

Some of you may not know but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love the hearts and red everything. The past two years i have had people come over for Valentine’s Day and it’s not stopping now. Of course I’m making sure people get tested before stepping a foot in my sanctuary. But I‘m so excited for it!

Can’t wait to have everyone to mingle and get tipsy. 💋

Take a peek of what some of the e-vite looks like right here...

That's all for now. Catch me next week and in the meantime, don't talk shit behind people's backs this week.

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