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POOR BABY: A New Comedy

Everyone can use some entertaining these days. With a presidential election around the corner, and the majority of the world at odds, it seems a little laughter can go a long way. Take a look at the new comedy available to stream on BTV Digital Studios.

Comedy is more than just a pleasant way to pass an evening, humor can have a big impact. It's interwoven into the fabric of our everyday existence. Whether you’re sharing an amusing story down at the pub, making a self-deprecating joke after someone pays you a compliment or telling a dark joke at a funeral, humor is everywhere. But can comedy change how we feel, what we think or even what we do? It’s vital to understand the job comedy can do in actively providing a counterbalance to bigotry and prejudice as well as understanding the types of humor that reinforce negative stereotypes.

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Opportunity arises in a new offbeat comedy, Poor Baby that follows a single mom who is nine months pregnant. Darlene Tate (Bridgette Kreuz) is fiercely independent, but her goals to raise her baby on her own are only possible if she's approved for a loan. When a man from her past is the one who declines her request, she resorts to desperate measures.

Creator, KC Allen, brought home awards from festivals across the nation including: Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Screenplay and Best Sound Design. The film has an original score that received a nomination for the composition by Cut Time Music, Charles Mallory and Parker Wiksell. Director of Photography, Greg Kraus, didn't go home empty handed either, with a win at the Indie Gathering International.

The film has earned a total of 9 wins and 9 nominations

BTS of Tiffany Helmuth

Poor Baby stars Bridgette Kreuz, winner of the Best Actress award in the Winterfilm festival and Best Actress nominee at Indie Gathering International, Jim Foreman, nominee for Best Actor in the Winterfilm festival, and Sam Jones.

The film introduces newcomer Tiffany Helmuth, nominee for Best Supporting Actress in the Winterfilm Festival.

It’s true, laughter is the strongest medicine. In this rumpus comedy, the thrill is layered within the dialogue of well developed characters. Allen said, "This film has won lots of awards and nominations at multiple independent film festivals...our film family is delighted to get it out there for you to see." Allen took his time to unravel a film that will leave you with satisfying smiles.

Allen is a seasoned creator recently signing with Krista Keller Management. He has received awards for his writing, directing and producing. Poor Baby may have been his most recent success, but it won't be his last.

Watch the film right here.


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