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Red Bull Sponsors 2'Live Bre Debut Show in Hometown of Nashville, Tennessee

Once a contestant on Netflix's Rhythm and Flow, 2'Live Bre sets his debut concert date in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee at Analog in the Hutton Hotel on Thursday, October 6th, starting at 7:30pm.

The Hip Hop artist is currently a judge on America's number 1 singing competition online, Shine, and recently released a single titled "Pray 2 God" that charted on iTunes. At one time, Bre had a YouTube page that had garnered over millions of views and 100k subscribers - but now it is gone. Sources close to Bre told BTV Insider that it was stolen and sabotaged. "He's been bullied by people who really don't want to see him succeed," a source close to Bre said. Recently, Bre has been bouncing back.

2'Live Bre, Shine Promo for BTV Studios

He got candid with BTV Insider about his fight with mental health. He posted a video on Instagram, which has since been deleted, in which he opened up about his struggle with depression.

"A lot of people don’t like to claim depression," Bre told Nashville Scene, in an exclusive interview months ago. He continued, "So many people are dealing with this in a secretive way. I’m like, "Let me be the voice."

Bre has learned that helping the next generation, much like he does on Shine, is what brings him the most happiness. His company Butterfly Nation, a sponsor of the show at Analog, will be giving a portion of the proceeds to youth camps in the summer of 2023. Other sponsors for the event include Red Bull and Primms Appetit.

The show will include a red carpet and live interviews by Yoco Media.

BTV Insider can confirm a season 4 of Shine is "already in the works," according the Bre, but no spin-offs have been greenlit. During BTV Insider's last talk with him, Bre told us that he is "actually working with BTV on a variety of new things."

Don't miss Bre in the return of Shine next month and grab a ticket to his show before they're all sold out.


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