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Relaxed and Ready to Go

Hello hello hello, it's me again.

Demetre and I just got back from Mexico and I am ready to go on vacation again. The trip was so relaxing and so beautiful. We spent most of our time on the beach and by the pool. And of course we ate and ate. This was our first trip out of the country together and I am happy it was so successful. We visited the Mayan ruins. We rode some ATVs. We swam in a cenote. We had a couple's massage. And we had a few romantic dinners. All and in all, best Valentine's ever.

Now that we are back, it is back to business. Something really exciting coming is our friend Lauren's video with Facebook. It finally dropped!!! I am so happy to have been a part. It was fun, but more importantly I learned a lot and made some great connections.

Check it out here

I also did a fun V-day shoot with Rachel. I must say... not only is she fun to work with on set, but she is so professional. She really killed it. And I finally got to do a photoshoot with my friend Jess.

Speaking of cast members. I wanted to make a quick mention of some of the stuff that was posted about me regarding Big Bear. I spoke with everyone involved back in December. We had some good conversations about it and it ended there. So if there is anything else that needs to be talked about, I will talk to them when I see them. But as far as I know, we are all good.

I will say... I have noticed that blog posts keep being edited as months go on. So, things seem to be left unsaid, but in reality no one knows to respond because it wasn't in the initial post. But like I said, we are all good.

In other news, Rachel was the winner of Good Food Gurus giveaway collab with Lusso Vitale! I had a good laugh at this because Rachel had said she wanted to win. Must have been her birthday magic. Girl is so talented too! She made a video of herself opening the box and it was EVERYTHING! I definitely see more giveaways in the future. They are way too much fun not to do often.

Check out Rachel's video

My photography has been picking up as of late. And I am so happy to say that I will be hella busy for the next month and a half! This weekend I put together a shoot for Black History Month. It's a celebration of individuality and togetherness. This is my first big shoot that I am completely in charge of. So, I'm nervous but soooo excited. My friend Jess will be assisting and Alitalia will be one of the models. I'll keep you all posted on how everything turns out.

I also have a few more shoots with Kasi, Marlene, and Rachel. So, I have a few shoots every week for the next month and change. Busy, busy!!! But I am so grateful for the opportunities. I am also starting to plan some stuff for my birthday! Now that things are opening up, I am looking forward to actually doing something. Last year we had just started lockdown so I was inside lmao. But, it was fun. This year will be so much better.

Other than all of this, life has been life. I've had two family deaths this year and not gonna lie it hit me hard. I'm very thankful for those who reached out to me. It seems that death is just all around these days. So I am not taking life for granted. I know I say something like this every post. But I mean it. I have been working so hard. Demetre and I have so much in the works. I am so happy we get to work on projects together and separately. He is such a good support system. He's got my back and I have his. I only have time for good energy and good vibes. Life is so short man. Let's live it right.

Love ya


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